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12 Challenges You Face in The Initial Year of Marriage and how to avoid them

The day you get married is the most memorable and happiest day in your life, in fact, it’s the most magical day. On this very day, you get a partner for a lifetime. With togetherness marriage also brings many changes in the life of married couples. It is said that in the initial years of marriage are the testing period, many problems arise especially in the first year. Now you will be reading about common challenges married couples face in the first year of marriage and how to cope with them.

  1. Financial Issues

Usually, married couples share their finances. It’s very important for both the partners to discuss ways on how to handle and balance the monthly expenditure. Keeping in mind how to fulfill daily needs and side by side how to save money too. Such a responsibility can sometimes be very stressful for some couples.

  1. Dealing with In-laws and Extended Family

After marriage, the main task at hand is to maintain a cordial relationship with your in-laws and extended family, at times it can very difficult and nerve wrecking. Since you can’t avoid interacting with your in-laws it is advised to handle this relation very carefully and with a lot of love and respect.

  1. Time Management

After marriage, it’s necessary to maintain a balance between your work and social life. in the first year of marriage,  couples struggle with this very aspect of how to spend time together without neglecting their professional commitments. They should give equal importance to a family with work and take out time for socializing as well.

4 Irritating Habits

When you start living together with your partner it’s but obvious to get annoyed with their certain habits, there is nothing wrong in this you both are two different individuals brought up in a different way, the important thing is how you both manage these habits so that the other person doesn’t get’s disturbed.

  1. Managing household Chores

taking care of the house and dealing with the daily chores becomes an added responsibility for some couples, it becomes a serious issue, between the most loving and caring couples as well. The key to solving this problem is dividing the work and dealing with ones share of responsibilities accordingly.

  1. Self-Care

It’s been observed that after getting married couples who took good care of their health while single start ignoring it completely, especially women. This ignorance leads to weight gain and illness which becomes a major issue between partners and can cause unnecessary disruptions. So, it’s very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after marriage.

  1. Maintaining Intimacy

It’s very important to maintain the bond you share with your partner after marriage both emotional and physical. It’s very crucial to keep the intimacy level high at all time so that your relationship doesn’t feel monotonous. To do so both the partners should work towards exploring and trying new things throughout life.

  1. Proper Communication

It’s very crucial to be on the same page as your partner for the marriage to be a success and for doing so you should always keep the gates of open and constructive communication open. Both of you should feel free to discuss anything and everything you face or go through. As this will help both of you to come close as well understand each other’s expectations and will also help in problem-solving if faced.

  1. Handling Conflict

You won’t find a couple who doesn’t fight or argue, conflicts are part of marriage because when two individuals start living together they will face many situations where they won’t agree with each other. In such scenario, your focus should be on working towards finding a way to dissolve the conflict and agreeing on one solution.

  1. Blame Game

It’s very easy to play the blame game but it only weakens the bond you both share. Instead, try to take the responsibility of mistakes done by you and avoid blaming your significant other of something you forgot to do or did wrong.

  1. Family Planning

In our Indian society, parents think that after marriage the immediate step should be family planning, they expect you to give a grandchild as soon as possible. This can act as an added pressure for new couples. In such situations, couples should talk to their parents that right now they want to spend some quality time together and having babies comes after two or three years.

  1. Forgetting Important Dates

After marriage, there are chances on of the partner may tend to forget important dates like anniversaries, birthdays and other essential dates. This may be important for the other partner and he /she may get very upset and angry, this could also lead to a feeling of ignorance and insecurity. In such situation, the one who remembers should try to understand and not create an issue out of it.

Well, these are a couple of problems faced in the initial year of marriage and how to deal with such issues. But the best way to get a happy married life is to keep on working towards achieving a healthy and prosperous relationship with an open mind and understanding heart and the willingness to adjust and compromise.

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