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14th February has all together different meaning in my life…

As other 90’s teenagers, I have always spent 14th February all these years dreaming about my Raj! Someone who would come on his Royal Enfield, carrying balloons, flowers and propose me with the best solitaire in hand.

Ahhhaa, what a dreaming life it was!

When I was 21, a college mate did approach me with a bunch of roses, that I didn’t accept due to fear of parents, though I liked him. That young and handsome Gabru did steal my heart. As time passed, his and my parents wanted us to fix marriage date and we both wanted it on 14th February of that year. What could be a better date to make your valentine yours for the lifetime! But due to some technical reasons, the wedding had to be postponed to the month of March.

‘Dil ke armaan dil mein hi reh gaye…..’

But after marriage, we decided to make our first valentine’s day a super duper romantic. So there we go…. a long drive to Shimla followed by a romantic stay at a small and hilly town near Shimla- Kasauli. It was most amazing and romantic road trip that any newly wed couple can imagine. And we decided that we will spend rest of all Valentines at Kasauli only.

But destiny had her own plans, as the year passed, I was expecting my first child with the due date on 5th February. As the date was heading nearer, not only me and my lovely husband but both side families were also super excited. After all, they were about to see their grandchild very soon.

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I was told us to wait till 10th Feb by my doctor. But, the baby was in no mood of coming soon. 10th gone…11th gone… 12th gone….baby kept gaining weight happily inside and our anxieties were at the peak. Finally, my doctor decided to go for a caesarian operation. And, we welcomed the angel in our lives on 14th February. The nurse told me later that all deliveries that day were boys and only I was the lucky one to be blessed with a daughter. My husband thanked me for this wonderful and unmatched valentine gift and we became parents from a couple on our favourite date.



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