21 something… 65

So when I was 16 years old I looked up to my cousins who were in their college, 21 years old and living their life.  I always wanted to grow up to being 21 years old and being all adult. Earning, living my life, friends and career sorted out.

Now that I am actually 21 years old, I realize that it is no where how I expected to be. It’s in-fact almost opposite to how I thought it would be.  So here are some of the things that I never  thought will happen at my 21

  • BROKE:
    I am still broke at the end of the month. And when I say broke, means no money in my bank account, no money in the Paytm wallet or any other digital wallet. Heck, I don’t even have money to go back home. **sighs**
  • Still dependent on my parents:
    When I was 16 I thought that at my 21 I’ll be financially independent. Working my ass off, doing something I love doing and earning in thousands per month. Dreams, I tell you.
    21, and still dependent on my parents. And not just the money, but anything related to my me, passport banwana ho toh papa, grocery lani ho toh papa, photocopies chaiye ho toh papa, papa ko manana ho toh mumma, khana khana ho toh mumma and it never ends.
  • No clue about my future:
    My life is no where close to being sorted. It’s a big mess and I love it. with time, I have actually grown accustomed to the confused state my life is in right now, But then it was not what I expected out of my 21.
  • The love of my life is invisible :
    Lets not even get there, I will start crying. **sighs**
  • Maturity level:
    Is still equivalent to that of a 16 year old.
  • I still cry when my sibling get gifts better than mine:
    (refer to the point above)
  • Alcohol:
    So when I was 16, I thought that I will earn my own money and drink with MY OWN MONEY. Now, refer to the first point. I don’t have money to survive let alone to spend it on expensive habits like drinking.
  • Travel :
    (I am already crying thinking about it) I was always a fan of travelling, trekking, mountains, beach. I thought that when I’d be  living in the hostel, I will always go out on trips with my friends,  one trip every two months. Well, we all know how that turned out to be.

Now that I know that 21 is not the age I should be expecting these things from, I am waiting for my 25. Hoping that I will be more stable in life, with my own house, amazing job (well paying), and ofcourse with the love of my life, travelling the world. Living it and killing it!!
A girl can hope right?

Well, if you have anything to comment about your 21 or about your 25, do comment in the box below and  stay tuned for more stories like these on our Facebook page. Cheers 🙂

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From A Stupid Last Bencher to The Editor Of News Sites! That’s My Life. 60

While thinking about penning down something that would come directly from my heart, I would love to bring this part of my story, which is not so very profusely known to one and all. Well, today, I am going to discuss with you the reason, why exactly I start off with my writing habit.

I am a freelance content writer and am currently the junior editor of a few news websites and some article websites. However, that is what I am today. Two years back, I was not the person that I am now. I used to be a lonely kid who would be always tensed about the upcoming results. The fear that I had as a student was not of failing. Well, I never really cared if I did. What I was really concerned about was, what would be my father’s reaction if I don’t fare well. Am sure, I did connect with many, when I did say that.

That was all I was doing in life. Then life thought of teaching me a lesson. It was sweet and it has changed my life. While am sure some of those students who are scoring average or below average marks in school can connect with me, I don’t know if the toppers would be able to. One of my friends got a brand new mobile handset and all of a sudden, it somehow sprang in me, that I too wanted to have a good smartphone! Yes, a good smartphone! So off I went, too tensed to ask something from my dad, (which I think is the general problem of the middle-class family kids). Somehow, I could gather some courage to ask for a smartphone! Don’t expect a twist here! Did you? Well, it was just the same old saying you know, “If you score above 90% this year, will get you one.”

Now coming to this particular statement, if any guardian is reading this and has the patience to hear this, then just know it. If you don’t want to give us something, just say “NO” please don’t leave us thinking that it’s our fault that we could not get it for ourselves. You surely don’t expect that your kid, who hardly gets 65% marks a year would go about getting 90% in the next!

Well, I was a kid, but I had experience with this 90% stuff! I knew the outcome, so off I went, I knew I will have my own measures in getting this done. And today my dear friends, I have enough to get an i-Phone 7! (Although I don’t have one!)

Thanks Dad!

‘Was it love?’ or just a chai and sutta together!! 61

Both of them were wide awake, lying on the bed and talking to each other, missing each other’s company.
Tia was in her hostel room and Max was home. 4:30am said the clock.

“that was some night” she texted.
“Yes, it was”
“why did it have to end…I wish we could just cuddle and sleep”
“If only”
“do you want to meet for chai and sutta”
“Give me an hour?”
“are you serious?”
“Why not!”
“okay then 😉 “

She was thinking about the last night, fancy dinner and sneaking in. But she had to leave before the sun came up and she did. Her last night in the city and all she wanted was his company, maybe.

4:45 am and before she knew, she dozed off.

She woke up to seven missed calls and nine unread messages.
‘holy crap’ she thought and texted Max immediately.

“hey, are you up?”
“You dozed off!”
“I am sorry, are you still coming to pick me up?”
“Meet me in twenty minutes, I am on my way”

She rushed to the washroom and checked herself in the mirror, well…he has seen me in worse and its just a morning date, just chai and sutta. And in her pyjamas and T-shirt she went downstairs. There he was, waiting for her at the corner of the road in his 12 years old activa.

“Are you carrying cigs?” she inquired.
“I always do” he replied with the wink.
“Well..I have cash and my mobile…so, lets go?”
“Hop on!”

“Where to?” he asked
“Please just drive…the weather is so good, lets go to the tapri outside the fort gate”
“How far is it?”
“Five kilometres, maybe seven”
“Yeah I have petrol”
“You don’t have enough?”
“We will find some petrol pump re, chill”

And they started on the empty road. She held him tight and was resting her head on his back.
‘Damn these rides, I will miss them in Delhi’ she thought to herself. They parked outside the fort, enjoying the weather and the royal garden view. It had started raining and they were relishing every bit of it.

All the shops outside the fort were still closed, but they found another one a kilometre away. It started raining heavily. The rain, the hot chai in hand and the sutta that followed. They spoke about their families, her short stay in an unknown city and how strangely they met.

‘Was it love?’ she laughed at the thought, whatever it was…she never wanted it to end and for him, it was an experience, another lovely experience in his bucket.

A 5am crazy drive in the rain, in heavy rain and both of them on the activa, drenched. The date, the time, the company couldn’t have been better. He told her about the stories, about the time he last traveled the same road and she listened, with a slight blush and happy to be part of another story he will probably tell his grand-children.