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5 daily rituals you should do with your children

All children grow up. But My question is….How many are raised?

Isn’t it a valid question? We are so busy with our own lives that we are so unable to raise our children with responsibility.

We are so busy with our own lives that we are so unable to raise our children and they are just growing instead.

We spend money and get them everything they want as far as we could. Be it education, extracurricular activities, social mingling and outings.

But what about the habits? Are we inculcating the good habits in them?

Merely by saying, it won’t happen. So let’s practice what we preach.

Here is my list of five daily rituals every parent should do with their children. Believe me, these really helps to give them an asset of good life forever.

  • Meditation: This may sound difficult but once you and your child get into the habit of meditating daily even if it is for 10 minutes, you will see the difference it will bring in the quality of your life.
  • Reading News: Most of the time children are not asked to read the newspapers and watch the news. The only general knowledge we fed them is through their school book which is read only during exams. To make them aware of the current surroundings is our responsibility and should not be ignored. Read newspaper along wth your child after school hours to develop this habit in them.
  • Walk: Morning walk freshen up the mind and boost the energy levels. The rest f the day depends on how we start our morning. Most of us rush through the morning but if mornings starts on a peaceful note it can bring the desired change in our lives.
  • Talk to them without distraction: We talk to our children but our mind is busy with some other tasks mostly. Stop calculating, chatting and watching TV while talking to your child. Listen to them with your full attention and talk to them to know about their day. Every parent should make this a habit so that child can be guided when needed.
  • Bedtime reading: Most of you will agree that today gadgets have replaced the books. One hour before the bedtime the gadgets should not be allowed to the children. It disturbs their sleep pattern. Instead, make it a habit of reading along with them regardless of their age. Reading has numerous benefits which we all are aware of. Let our children reap these benefits too.

So dear parents let us help our next generation to build their life in a way that they as adults will make this nation a better place to live in.

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