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5 must have beauty products

Hey, ladies! Our love for cosmetics is unhidden and why not, we were born to look beautiful. Well, we are blessed that we have so many companies providing a myriad of beauty products that could emblazon our beauty but you can’t carry your whole vanity kit every time, so here I have handpicked 5 products that are a must in your bag while you are in your office or out on a shopping spree. Trust me these are just unavoidable products and will keep you looking fresh throughout the day.

So what are these magical products?

1. Kohl or Kajal Pencil

A beautiful eye is what makes you face look prettier; make sure that you have your Khol in your bag when you are moving out. You can use those smudge free Kajal which remains there for about 12 hours. You can pick your favourite and define the lines of your eyes to make it look bolder and black.

2. Compact Powder

Make sure that you have your compact powder in your purse always. Give yourself a quick touch up on a hot summer day. Also, make sure that it is waterproof and gives you a perfect matte finish which makes your face look real. I would personally suggest a no-no to those glossy compacts.

3. Lipstick

There’s an old saying, “A woman with bright lipstick and open hair can make anything happen,” it’s quite true. Make sure that you always carry your favourite lipstick or gloss in your bag; my favourite being any shade of red.

4. BB cream

These are a multitasking miracle in one tube, pick your favorite one and make sure that you always carry them with you on the go. A perfect BB cream works as a foundation, moisturizer, primer; to sum it up its all in one make kit that will always keep you photo ready.

5. Mascara

Long and luscious lashes give your eyes a perfect flattery look. Make sure that you always have your mascara in your bag. Even if you don’t believe in looking like a showstopper every day, there is no harm in adding a little oomph factor to your daily look.
Viola, have these 5 beauty secrets in your bag and you will never look dull.

Stay pretty!!!

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