Ladies and ladies, if you have been wondering that daily soap opera always has to be about typical saas bahu and saajish then let me break the ice; thanks to the advent of internet and information technology, today we have some great stuff running on the internet which will not only be a perfect entertainer for you but at the same time it’s a perfect break from those typical saas-bahu serials and Naag-Nagin avatar that seem to have hovered every TV channel today.

I have watched a few series and I was completely awe-struck by the talent and creativity these talented people have brought together via web series.  Most of these series cater to the English speaking audience, showcasing modern values and problems that the youth of today is facing and trust me everything has portrayed in a fun-filled manner which leaves you light-hearted at the end of watching it.

I will not exaggerate on its storyline because I would like you to watch it for yourself and you’re your brain and eye a perfect treat. Here it goes:

1. Every Indian Husband

2. Bad Indian

3. Happy To Be Single

4. Permanent Roommates

5. Bring On The Night

Watch and enjoy !!! And don’t forget to thank me…;)