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9 Subtle Ways Men Can Show Us They Care

Men fall short at expressing their emotions or letting their girl know how much they love and care for her. Whereas, women are more expressive than men in showing that they care. Of course, there are men who know how to verbally express their feelings- but most of them can show how much they care. Dear men, here are few ways you can incorporate to show her you care:

  1. Surprise Her with an Unexpected Kiss

Women love surprises, it doesn’t matter how big or small. Kiss her when she is least expecting it, like while she is cooking or when she is reading her favorite novel. Just grab her in your arms and place a romantic kiss on her lips. She will understand that you love her a lot and this thought will keep her smiling all day long.

  1. Write Her a Love Note

Those days when you must leave early for office and she is still sleeping, leave her a love note. Saying you had an urgent meeting and she looked very beautiful while sleeping so you didn’t want to disturb her, tell her you are waiting to get back to her in evening.

  1. Buy Gift for Her

It’s customary to give and expect gifts on special days like birthdays and anniversaries, but getting a gift for no reason has a special importance. Buy her something she might have mentioned seeing months ago, the moment she opens the gift she will know, how much you love her.

  1. Cook Breakfast

Try to cook a simple breakfast on those days of the month when her body needs extra rest. A simple bread toast with a cup of coffee will be enough to make her feel better.

  1. Book an Appointment for Her at a Spa

Girls love to be pampered, there is no better place than a spa. Book an appointment for her, so that she can get a nice body massage and whatever therapy or treatment she wishes for.

  1. Send Her Flowers.

Get a bouquet of red roses delivered to her workplace, girls love flowers especially roses. Flowers are the best way to convey your feelings to her, she will like the attention given to her and will enjoy the moment when her friends will tease her with your name.

  1. Together Watch Her Favorite Movie

Rent her favorite movie from Netflix and watch it with her, also try to order her favorite snacks and popcorn. Discuss what she likes about the movie and which part she likes the most.

  1. Plan a Picnic

Try to set up a picnic on a weekend, just tell her to get ready in the morning and her to picnic spot she prefers like a beach or hilltop, whatever she likes.

  1. Burn a Love Cd

Create a cd with all her and your favorite love songs, instead of giving it to her, secretly place it in her cars cd player. she will be happy to hear all her favorite songs.

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