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A day without Your Mobile phone!!

In today’s lifestyle, our mobiles have become an integral part of our lives to the extent that we can’t imagine even a single day without it. Right from what to cook to Kid’s homework, you need it for everything. Right?

Now, just visualize that your cell phone is not working and you have given it for repair to the service station, only to get it after a day, challenging isn’t it?? Hey..Hey!! Don’t panic it’s just a matter of 24 hours. So, let’s figure out ways to enjoy a day without any technology in your hand. LOL!

Believe me, it’s a wonderful ‘No Mobile Day’ so it’s time to have fun-

1. Go shopping

Make the most of it, carry your wish list and get going! No one is going to disturb you so go shopping without any tension of getting an urgent call from the office or husband. Ha ha…ha!!

2. Catch up with friends

When was the last time you caught up with your buddy “in person”? It’s the perfect day to surprise your friends without informing them, you can go to your best friend’s house and from there you can pick your gang and spend some quality time at a local café. Wow!!

3. Long drive

The best way to avoid thinking about your cell phone is by going on a long drive with your favorite music playing. Just spend some alone time cruising your fav roads and routes. Be yourself!

4. Indulge in a hobby

What’s that one hobby you wanted to pursue but were unable to, it can be anything from painting to writing a poem, just go ahead there’s nobody to disturb you today… 😉

5. Pamper yourself

Visit your local spa or massage center, spoil yourself by getting a body massage. Sometimes we must pamper ourselves too. Don’t think more just book an appointment and relax!

6. Read

You can read a book or favorite blog, fashion or business magazine of your choice. After all, you are in ‘No disturbance’ zone for a day…Aren’t you?

7. Cleaning

You can clean your house, rearrange your room, get rid of unwanted stuff. Just keep calm and De-clutter!

8. Car wash

Wash your car and clean it up from inside too, throw all old petrol and parking slips.

9. Visit your dentist or family physician

You can visit your dentist for a routine dental checkup or your family doctor for full body examination because that’s what always stays in our pending list. Right?

See…. It’s not a bad deal to be without your cell phone after all. You can indulge in a hell lot of constructive stuff!

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