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A lawyer who’s on a mission to make homes elegant and stylish!!

I draw inspiration from almost everything around me. Even a dried piece of wood on the road side can give ideas of what it can be transformed into. It amazes me sometimes what creativity with a twist can do.

– smiles Vimi Singh, owner of Navya  home decor store at 33, Meharchand Market, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.


A lawyer by qualification, Vimi was about to join the army in the JAG branch back in 1991 but the interest in beautiful homes fascinated her to the extent that she decided to be a ‘design entrepreneur’ and now been associated with this creative field for more than 15 yrs.

Impassioned with the love for beautiful homes, Vimi used to help her friends with their home décor initially but having done homes for some prominent people really helped her in gaining confidence in the profession.

With her creative interior aesthetics, she loved to be experimental with hand picked vintage decor items and worked towards incorporating mid-century modern décor throughout the homes.

But, as she recalls,

I was so bored and tired of visiting décor stores that had nothing of my interest. I really wished of a genie that time 😉 who could help me fulfil my desire for flea markets stuff and quaint European stores where you come upon hidden treasures. The disappointment didn’t stop me but inspired me to launch NAVYA.

Oh! that makes me remember a beautiful quote by Joel Olsteen, ‘Sometimes what we think is a disappointment, is really God getting us in a position to go to a new level’.

And that’s exactly what happened with Vimi, she took her passion to a new level with her brand Navya that has a collection of handmade things amongst other vintage and European looking stuff. Few pieces are even one of it’s kind. The word quaint is the key to her choice of products and display.

Soon after the launch, the response was so overwhelming that all her initial stocks started selling immediately and made her realize that sourcing inventory for the store will be a challenge and has to be steady. But as she is an adventure lover at heart, she travels a lot and collects the stock from all over the world for her store. She is also on a constant look out for talented and creative people to get products customized for the store as per her requirements.

She has a design taste that is traditional yet can accommodate modern elements. With perpetual look out for new things and one of a kind look, she never ends up repeating a product in her store. From flea markets to by lanes of old cities of the foreign land, NAVYA has a collection of all places to impress you and believe me, you will be addicted to the organized chaos of the store with things kept randomly here & there and yet finding their rhythm in the store.

Married to a fighter pilot, Vimi calls her spouse, the wind beneath her wings( how cute!!) and gives all credits of her success to her husband and her father who has always boosted her confidence to do better.

The ambiance and the energy of the beautiful things keep bringing back the people to the store, some to purchase and some to just be there and feel happy. Nothing means more to me than the love and appreciation that I get from the customers and visitors …. the colors, the eclectic mix of things and the display of products brings smiles to their faces and joy to our hearts. With stores in Delhi and Chennai, I am in an expansion mode and looking to open two more before this year ends.

– says a woman who can give a makeover to your home with her quintessence of design and interior aesthetics.

So, dear readers next time you look for some hand-picked and unique stuff for your home just visit NAVYA and trust me, you will not go anywhere else…..ever!!

Find her at Facebook Page .


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