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A Letter to a Woman From Another Woman

To my dear stay at home friend,

I know, how you feel and I can understand. When people ask you, “what do you do at home?” I know, how you work so endlessly from the time you wake up and till you go to bed and you are on your feet continuously doing the endless chorus. I know, you work 24/7 and yet, there is no much appreciation nor do you expect them. I know, even being at home, how you cannot even scrap a minute, to just sit and sip your cup of tea relaxed, because everyone wants you for every single work, not to mention the wailing toddler. I know, how you feel when you hear about your other corporate friends having a feast and enjoying time in their workplace, it may make you think, “what am I doing?” I know, it’s not easy to take care of things at home as well as get things done from out. I know, you are stronger than anyone else and how you are misunderstood of your strengths. I know, the feeling of disrespect every time you are taken for granted. Yet you keep moving on.

I admire you, for your strengths, for your positivity to keep going and keeping up with the family. I don’t know how you do it every day with so much patience to make everyone happy and yet not expect anything for yourself. I understand, how you feel dear friend because we both are a woman and we want same things.

Whatever you do, do it because it makes you happy and not because you are forced to do it. Know that you are the best.

-Love, from your Working friend

To my dear working friend,

I know how you feel every day when you step out of the door wanting some more time. I know and I understand the frustration you feel that if your child ate his or her food properly or not because you were supposed to be in an early meeting. I know and I understand how helpless you feel when people judge you for your skills in being a mother. I know, you love your children and want to do the best for them just like any other mother. I know, that you wait for the evenings just to return home and spend the time with your children and family, even though you are tired for the day. I know and I understand when you try to wake up earlier than anyone else just so, you can keep everything ready for everyone before you go to work. You are there everywhere I go. The doctor I meet, my child teacher, the accountant in my bank, our family therapist visiting our house to take care of the old. You are there, helping us every day. I know, how bad you feel when you could not attend your child PTM or a monthly sport/event. I know, how you skip visiting your parents on the weekends if they are in the same town, simply because you have a whole week of piled up work to take care. I know, the numerous guilt you carry, for not being there when a family is in need. But my dear friend, know this, you are wonderful. You have set an example to your children and to the world that a woman can be successful in her career, yet she can manage her family life. I admire your strength and the attitude of not giving up. Hang in there! dear friend, we may cross our paths some day and we shall sing together the joy of being a woman.

-Love, from your stay at home friend

To all the woman out there!

Wherever you are, whatever you do, do what makes you happy and not what you are forced, based on the society demands. Enjoy life in every moment!!

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