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For movie Padmavati- A Letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Dear Bhansali ji,

I love the way you portray a simple story in a flamboyant manner but even before your movies are released, it becomes controversial and attracts frivolous debates.

I am not sure how it attracts the ire of the so-called guardian of our society and often these people term your movies as ‘distortion of historical facts’ as if they were shown the script or the movie itself even before the censor board could certify it. On the positive side, its good for your movies as you don’t have to spend on its promotion. 😉

Let me be honest with you. Though the majority of people enjoy the movie but few fringe elements irrespective of their caste, creed, religion etc are bound to make hue and cry owing to their own insecurities and to get cheap publicity.

So have a few suggestions for you.

Next time when you put your creativity hat on your head, please take care of the following:
1. Start with a disclaimer.
2. Change the original name of the characters, places etc.
3. Make a movie on civic sense, let’s see how many of them would be serious to imbibe civility.
4. Make a movie on prevailing child labor, human trafficking, dowry, atrocities on women, fetal death, casteism or any other social issues. Let’s see how many of them oppose?

If they can be so serious with a movie on a historical figure then they must be serious on the prevailing social issues also.

And as usual, you would definitely make an excellent movie in your exclusive signature style!!!

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