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A mother is a mother!

It was a day past Christmas, a normal working morning.. and as usual I got up at 6, slapped my face with water, looked in the mirror, sighed, brushed my teeth and wandered into the kitchen with my mobile in one hand, scrolling my Facebook posts with half opened, sleepy eyes…suddenly I happened to lay my eyes on a pic in one of the posts, and I was drawn inside it by some kind of magic. It was only a pic with no text but defined itself very loudly and clearly- A mother is a mother!

No matter rich or poor, no matter black or white, no matter tall or short, no matter…. being mother is enough!

They’re the things that most people probably won’t see, one with a brave smile on her face even when she is weary.

Dear moms…don’t try too hard to keep up with a supermom agenda.
There is no supermom, really – a supermom who has everything together is just a fallacy. There are real moms. Real, authentic moms like you and me, who admit that they don’t have it all together but keep on fighting. Moms who are overwhelmed by keeping up with little ones all day long.

My heartfelt thanks to the person who clicked this moment coz it made me realise that a mother isn’t based on external perfection. A mother is a person, a woman, whose little ones not only gives her strength to move ahead in life; they are like the elixir which charges the battery of her heart! She fights, gives, prays, works hard, cares, loves and doesn’t give up even when she wants to throw in the towel.

That’s you. That’s me and That’s her in the pic. Today. Tomorrow. Yesterday.

I say that is enough. It is more than enough.

We are amazing and so are our moms! Keep smiling fellow moms, I truly believe that this curve sets everything right.

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