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An ‘All-Girls’ College… Is it a blessing or a curse??

Right now, when my college is just about to end, I have been having flashbacks of all the bitter-sweet memories of the past. From the experience that I’ve had, I can clearly point out some common things that every girl goes through in an all-girls school/college. Sometimes a nightmare and on other days a great comfort, it surely has had its pros and cons.

Girls-Girls Everywhere. From left to right and north to south, a single boy couldn’t be found. And what is even the need to do such an outrageous thing?  Sometimes an annoyance on others a relief, we somehow manage to live out our all-girls phase.

The never-ending gossips. Phew! how can a person talk so much!? Don’t expect to have a peaceful time when you’re amongst a group of girls. You’ll probably be judged as rude and arrogant if you don’t involve in the chitter chatter. But don’t worry, just carry on.

Let the bitching start. Never be afraid of being ‘discussed’ and ‘examined’, it’s the favourite time pass of most girls. You’ll be ‘evaluated’ head to toe every day. You’ll just have to get used to it with time.

Cat-Fights are the amusement you need. Super fun to witness are fights among girls, provided your best friend is not the one who’s involved. The entire building comes to watch the show.

College is no less than a ramp walk.  It’s a great deal of thinking every morning how to nail the perfect look! There’s a constant competition amongst all to look the best. So who’ll be the next supermodel!?

Wow! such a pretty dress. Remember the kurta she was wearing today!? I want the same piece! Any idea where she got it from? * Searches all the websites and markets, but alas! it’s nowhere to be found*

Boy troubles. New bonds are made over discussing how wretched boys are! The girls go through almost the same problems with their boyfriends but it is never boring when guys are being analysed.

However good or bad your school/college might be, you’ll miss it like hell, especially your clique. The food you shared, the clothes you exchanged, the assignments you copied….all of it will be missed dearly! Hold onto these memories and cherish these beautiful days of your lives. 

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