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A treat for sweet-tooth – Buttercup Bungalow

When we talk about the city of Lucknow, it has all the elements that can make you experience an easy-going life.  Coming to the special attraction of this city then it’s no merely restricted to Imambara and Tundey Ke Kebab rather the place is a heaven for those who love to savour the sweetness.

One of the places that I recently visited left me completely spellbound by its aroma, ambiance and most importantly its scrumptious confectionary. The display of various sweets, bread, cakes and pastries made me felt as if I was travelling in the world of sweet and luscious delicacies. It’s not much time when the café culture in Lucknow has soared the heights of success. The city has witnessed some of the great cafes and Buttercup Bungalow is one of them.

The place is centrally located in the city of Lucknow and has a rich menu with the most mouth –watering dishes. Although the café is just a year old, it has gained huge accolade from people and why not, it has everything to offer to the millennial who are looking for a cool place to hangout.

The menu itself is a treat to the eyes and mouth; the breakfast menu has an unbelievable number of dishes made from egg with such scrumptious variations. Keeping this aside, you would seriously not able to resist the artistic and lip-smacking mini-cupcakes that this place has to offer. Well, if I talk about my fav then I would recommend hogging on Cream Cheese Pound Cake; you should not miss it for the world.

If you love eating then this place is a heaven for you.

Don’t forget to commit a sweet sin by visiting this place.

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