Mission – To connect people with great local businesses

Gallinukkad, as the name suggests is for all those who are present around us and are integral part of the society since it’s existence…

The local businesses– who are selling from their physical store in our local markets. Till few years back, the only mantra for sellers to be successful was to open a store/ shop on a prominent location so that the store would be blessed with more and more walk ins due to its natural visibility. But in the last few years, even the ‘prominent location’ stores are facing a continuous down slide in their profits. There is one major reasons for this –

Shift in consumer’s search behavior – with advancement of technology, customers have shifted their search from streets to smartphones i.e. from offline to online.”

Now to sustain and succeed in today’s tech era, all sellers and store owners must understand that Offline stores also need online visibility because VISIBILITY is profitability. They all must work for more online visibility for their business on search engine and social channels.

To solve this problem, we built Gallinukkad.com – A Visibility Platform for Local Business, making search and social really affordable that too with geo targeting technology, enabling you to get ahead of your online and offline competitors.

We also have our blog live for you, enabling you to take advantage of learn-able tools of marketing & technology that are relevant to you for running your retail store/business successfully and to also stay updated with latest business and startup news relating to Indian retail business.

So Retailers -Stay Ahead, Stay Blessed !

Team Gallinukkad