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Actions that can kill your Relationship

Anyone in a relationship will agree that at some point you will face unexpected tiffs in your relationship due to varied external and internal factors, which can weaken the oldest and the strongest bond between you and your better half.

Keeping this in mind let’s consider these issues:-

  1. Neglecting your appearance

This may sound irrelevant but just think for a minute do you still take the extra effort to get ready when you go out with your partner as you used to do in the early days of your relation. Ignoring your looks is a clear sign that you’re no more passionate about your relationship. This lack of self-care can slowly eat your relation.

  1. Putting yourself first

A successful relation is based on the idea of compromising and adjusting accordingly, each one of you must consider the need of your partner before you think about fulfilling yours if you continue to keep yourself and your priorities first it’s surely going to pull you apart.

  1. Unpredictable work-life

Your partner knows your need to work and he/she understands that you are making efforts to provide a good lifestyle, but they need you as well. Failing to maintain the balance between office and home can disappoint your partner and ultimately your relation will suffer.

  1. Money issues

Mismanagement of finances can be one of the major issues for your partner’s frustration, suppose your girl is unnecessarily spending money on shopping it’s surely going to make you angry and on the other hand if your man is wasting money on unwanted video games and electronic gadgets. This carelessness with money will harm your relation.

  1. Unwanted Jealousy

They say healthy jealousy is good for a relation, you might not be jealous of his/her friend or colleague because you trust your partner,  but you get jealous to see how close he is with his family or how can she achieve so much success in office. This jealousy is negative it will slowly eat the very essence of your relationship.

  1. Refusing to apologize

Finally, no relation can survive without mutual respect for your partner, this can be shown in different ways, but one of the basic attributes is the willingness to say sorry when it’s your mistake and to make amendments for your mistake.

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