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Added Benefits of Dating Men With Beard!

Comparatively a new trend has made a comeback; men have started keeping facial hair to enhance their features, it makes them look more desirable and confident. Women all over the world get attracted to such men with the rugged look it projects them as a better boyfriend and future father figure. This has led us to point out the added benefits to date men with beard.

1. Beards are manly

A man with a beard looks relatively sexier than a man with a clean shaven look; he even looks more manly, mature and strong. Sometimes women just prefer to be manhandled, but with sophistication and a man with beard knows it well.

2. Kissing is fun

Every woman wants a fulfilling sexual experience from her man, beard plays a versatile role in giving pleasure while kissing or foreplay, it is alluring to feel a chin tickle while kissing. Men with beard give an aggressive touch to this whole love-making experience.

3. They are patient

If you date a man with a beard you won’t ever hear him complain about how long you take to get ready coz he is very patient by nature, after all, it takes loads of patience to grow and take care of a healthy well-trimmed and conditioned beard.

4. They are respected

Whenever you go out with him on a date or outing you will notice that other men look at your man with a sense of respect, because he has the quality of manhood which other men are not able to project and show off with, they look at him with a jealous eye.

5. They are understanding

One of the most important things we girls want every month is a visit to the beauty salon and we all know it takes hours to beautify ourselves and men usually hate this, but you don’t have to worry your man with a beard will understand your need to be at the salon.

6. They are healthier

You must be wondering what’s the connection between health and beard, well according to a research it has been proved that beard saves men from harmful UV-rays which is the main cause of pre-mature wrinkles and skin cancer.

Ah well!!! Next time when you are dreaming to date a clean shaven chocolatey guy think again…. 😉

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