We make people know you’re there.

When we talk about Gallinukkad, we’re talking about you, your passion, your business; and taking it to the people. We are a premium magazine on the web with extensive content to keep the readers informed about trends, offers and what’s best available in their city.

We also help businesses in their marketing and social media with featured stories, promotional content and online campaigns that help them stay in front of their customers.

We do it by creating a multi-channel visibility with marketing, media, and creatives that people love. After all, it’s all about the presentation and the way we communicate it to the world.

So, if you are selling something awesome, a coverage on the magazine will definitely help you to get more sales. This is a golden opportunity for all to get promotion for your business and that too for FREE.

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Why us?

We’re a team of techno marketers. As professionals, we firmly believe that no individual/ freelancer or an entrepreneur himself can be all conceptualiser, creative writer, graphic designer, and a marketer. 

We’re unique with our guiding philosophy – Be BETTER; simply put, we hate cheap and lousy work.