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Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Na kijo

Yesterday, while surfing through my facebook account, I came across a very interesting quote; it mentioned about the transformation and sacrifices of a woman. We Indians so proudly designate a woman as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother but forget the fact that she is a human first.

Binding her in relations which demand her to make sacrifices have been made as the protocol of her life, but I’m not here to start my ‘morcha’ on feminism, what brings me to write this is the lack of appreciation that women face despite making great sacrifices.

I was listening to our Prime Minister’s quote where he mentioned, “ Nari tu Narayani hai” which means a woman is a deity i.e. being born in the anatomy of female makes you a Goddess and why not, she is the only one who can make sacrifices, leave her own house and accepts a new family as her own and not to forget, can create a new life within her. But, my question here is, does her new family accepts here the way she is?

My Dear New Family

I am here to make you dear,

But I have my own fears;

I’m new to start a whole new family, it’s a new life and new people so, please forgive if I make any mistake.


New Addition

I guess these lines clearly define what goes through a girl when she gets married. Although our society is changing but still, a major state of our society continues to live by the old school of thoughts where a girl is always considered as an outsider.

Her dreams and desires are all defined by the family where she will be living her life.  So, why can’t she be accepted as a family member? Why not you become her parents and not just guardians and treat her equal? Why not make the life easier?

When a girl comes into a new family, you expect her to change as per her new family members, what if, each member of her new family change themselves 1% and she also changes herself according to them, don’t you think life will be easier for both.

She needs love and care, money and materials can be earned. Treat her as a life and not as a commodity. Remember, she was also born a daughter to someone, just like your son, she too was living to fulfil the dream of her parents . Give her the freedom to express and accept her opinions just like you do for your son. Don’t make her the queen of the house but at least give her the priority to express herself.

Speak less, don’t raise your voice, we don’t do it this way, we don’t follow this tradition, we don’t eat this and that, etc. etc. etc. are some common jargons which become the part of her life. Please exempt her from all this, allow her to speak her heart, let her stand for what is right, support her and at the same time advise her when she is wrong ad trust me you will not have a daughter-in-law rather you will have a daughter living with you.

I know it would have been too heavy to read such heart-pounding lines but trust me most of the women in our country are living this life, killing their dreams every day. Her new life should bring new hopes and new dreams and not end what she had always wanted. If you are blessed with a good life, it’s time that you spread the awareness and guide those who are still dwelling in the dungeons of old thoughts.  Help to change the dialogue from, “ Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Na Kijo” to “Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo.” Coz somebody’s Bitiya becomes your Bahu.


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