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Amazing Life with pets

I never knew life would be really busy and hilarious when you have a pet around. All I was thinking when we bought our Bruno (pug, one-year-old male dog) home for the first time, that it’s going to be a roller coaster ride for me. But life changed in many ways since a year. If you are a pet parent or have pets in the family then I am sure you will agree with some of the things I have experienced.


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1. You cannot have an alone moment even after the entire house is snoring, because there, from a corner you know a pair of eyes is watching and waiting for you to come and pet him or her.

2. If you are visiting a friend home who has a pet, be prepared to be welcomed with a house full of dog hair. Wherever you lay your eyes, you will find it. Maybe not in your food, though! Oops!!

3. You are definitely going to be spooked at night for no reason because dogs have a code that says “bark at nothing”.

4. Eating a snack? Look under, near your feet. There is a tiny little animal asking for you to share, always.

5. As soon as you return home from being out, there is always someone who greets you with all the love, every day.

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6. Most often than not, you cancel your fun gatherings just because you don’t want to leave your dog alone.

7. You will never feel alone or lonely. You will always have a companion who thinks of you as its world!

8. Got a puppy? Be ready to be termed as the mop lady/man cleaning the piddle all over the house.

9. When you have tiny little paws, you don’t need an alarm clock. Because before you open your eyes, your furry best friend is trying to wake you to open the door and let him/her out.

10. You find yourself socializing with many new people in newer groups. Of course, all who have pets and dog lovers.

11. You are a goner when the head tilts.

12. As hard you try to act normal when you are planning to go out leaving your pet home, he always seems to know.

13. Your mobile is full of your pet’s cute pictures and you have your pet picture as wallpaper.

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14. In a weird way, you understand every expression your dog makes and you talk to him or her casually just like how we talk to our children. The best part is they understand our language and untold words even better.

15. Yes! When you have a dog around, there is not a single dull moment. Life with a pet is more fun.

If you are a dog parent and agree with any of my feelings as well, then hit the share button. Let’s spread the joy of having a dog. If you got more to add to this list, comment it. We dog parents stay connected, yeah?

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