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An artist, but with a different canvas.

Creative is not the way I think, it’s the way I like to live.

 – says Puja Mishra, an artist, and a designer.

Since childhood, her favorite past time was to sketch animals and landscape as she has always been fond of nature and it’s beauty. Lucky enough to have a supportive family, she did her diploma course from IIFA International Institute of Fine Arts in painting. As an artist, she didn’t restrict herself to those four sided canvases but she explored totally different realms of beauty in art and fashion and chose Silk art as her medium to create exquisite paintings of nature and it’s elements, bringing the diaphanous beauty to the walls.

Having done more than 200 homes with Silk Art and blessed with a profound aesthetic sense, Puja along with her friend, ventured into the world of fashion with her brand – Scarf Songs, ushering beautiful designs onto silk scarves, making them classy and stylish.

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With Van Gogh, Fantin-Latour, S.H Raza, F.N Souza as her inspiration, she is committed to usher the artwork into different forms.

At Scarf song, each scarf is a delicately crafted piece of art, a song that will resonate in your heart and mind. It is not just another wearable accessory but a fashion statement that will talk about your energy and aura.

We work on colour & pattern of each artwork which is reflected in the Scarves. Each scarf design is eclectic and bubbly just the way we are.

-says Puja, obsessed with love of art and fashion.

According to her, a Scarf can take on to your moods whether you are an office goer, a sports person, a romantic soul or a party freak. It really reflects your mood with it’s design.

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It is not only that she is designing and creating an admirable work of art, she also takes style workshops for women to show how to carry Silk Scarves, showing the audience the simplicity and the sophistication of Silk Scarves with the impressive ways to drape them.

Impassioned towards her brand, she is known as Puja SS on all her social channels. Why? Coz SS represents her impregnable passion, her venture- Scarf Song.

You can be a creative genius when it comes to draping a scarf. You can make it as top, skirt, resort wear, handbags, head gear, cape, necklace etc. Since our scarfs are light weight, good length and have the sheen they can easily be styled in few minutes.

– tells puja, an entrepreneur and a social reformer too, who is working for domestic helpers by organising health camps, bank camps, training sessions and connecting them with the administration of Gurgaon to help them on social issues. Exceptional! Isn’t she?

So folks, next time when you are out for work or a party don’t forget to style yourself with a silk scarf from SS coz when you wear a Scarf song collection, it’s really a poetry in motion.

Find her Scarf collection at : Facebook Page

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