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Yes… I am ‘an imperfect wife’ of a perfect husband..!!

Dusk was falling, I and my husband were talking over a coffee when in jest he called me “an imperfect wife”. It all started after I tagged him on Facebook on an article which stated: “You have a perfect husband if he cooks for you”.

My husband is perfect in the view of the fact he cooks for me, he helps me in household tasks, he never forgets to say I love you before hanging up on phone, he respects my space, he hangs out with my friends, he listens to my piece of advice, he excels professionally, he is good with kids, he respects my side of family. Moreover, I keep reminding him how much blessed I am to have him in my life.

And I am “an imperfect wife” of a perfect husband who doesn’t know cooking well but how does it matter if am working very hard in learning the same.

My imperfection has another side as well which my husband overlooked. I keep surprising him with gifts, love, hugs, and kisses even when he escapes saying “Baby, I am not good at showing affection, I told you”.

Every day, I call his family to make sure that they feel valued and our bond strengthens whereas he dodged saying that “Baby, I am not good in handling relations, you please remind me that I need to speak to your parents also”.

Extending my levels of imperfection, I must say, I make sure I manage the finance well so that none of us feel the burden.

When my perfect husband is busy in his office work I make sure I find some time out from my office and household work to find jobs for him as I want him to grow. I can easily do it for myself but I prefer his career over mine at this stage.

I am not perfect but I make sure our house is always clean, his clothes are washed and perfectly ironed and his things are in place.

I am imperfect but I make sure his health is fine.

I am imperfect but I never let him count his weakness. He is perfect because I have always let him be the perfect one.

A gentle reminder to all the perfect husbands in the world:

You are not perfect nor your wife is but you think you are perfect because your wife makes sure she covers your imperfections with her flaws. She helps you being the perfect one. Your wife isn’t running for your money, she can even earn herself. All she is wants from you is your love, time and words of praise. Remember not to focus on her imperfections instead see the effort she continuously takes for you. Do not remind her that she is imperfect instead tell her that you can find no one better than her. Some words can break heart even if said in jest.

I know my husband loves me and I cannot find a better husband but all I know is if I become perfect like him he might not love me the way he loves me now.

If I also escape saying “sorry, I hate cooking I told you” “Sorry, it has been a week I didn’t call your parents you should have reminded me” or “Sorry I was busy working, I couldn’t manage the finances etc.” He will not be able to deal with it.

Therefore am happy being an imperfect wife of my perfect husband.

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  1. Shobhika John

    I liked it😊😊😊

  2. Shweta

    Nicely written 👌👌

  3. Anshu Ghodawat

    Must say you are really very good writer… liked the way its written and title is perfect!!

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