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And they named it -‘Sarvahitey’…

My conversation with Keshav Datta certainly prompts me to return to the thoughts I have been guilty of, like youth today only care about hanging out with friends, movies, fashion and the number of likes for their selfies on Facebook and cannot be concerned about ‘real-world’ problems like poverty.

Sometimes we really should question the preconceived notions that we carry in our minds. Shouldn’t we? I just did!

Let me tell you the story of six individuals, all from different walks of life who shared a common passion and common mission to change the face of society and bring empowerment to the less fortunate classes and they named their mission as Sarvahitey.

As the name suggests, Sarvahitey works for the Good of All. Started as a student group, it is a full-fledged NGO today which touches the lives of thousands of people.

Sarvahitey is a festival of youth gathering under one umbrella to spread joy and warmth through various projects encompassing Education, Donation of Articles, Cleanliness and Sanitation, Development of a Village, Adversity Mitigation, Personal and Cultural Development, among others.

– says Keshav Datta, one of the founder.

The founders of Sarvahitey have not only brought in such friends, who, though busy with their own professional, social and personal lives, had the zeal to serve the society but also developed Sarvahitey from a nascent initiative to an adolescent organization, such that people from all walks of life could devote just a few hours every week, and could still make a positive change in the lives of others.

Amazing!! Isn’t it?

For these young social workers, Sarvahitey has not been an organization, but a platform; a platform between those who want to make a difference, but do not know how to go about it and the disadvantaged ones. It helps people realize how effortless it is to just go ahead and serve. Their aim is to make social service a culture, a part of each one’s lifestyle.

While the world laments and bemoans problems, these changemakers resolute in their belief for change. They believe that purity of purpose and selflessness of spirit can overcome any limitation.

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With a simple working model that’s conducive to the busiest of persons, everyone is invited to have their portion from the nectar of ‘sharing and caring’, everyone is invited to spare a few hours and such few hours accumulate into service throughout the week. Innovative! I must say.

Thinking of ‘them’ before ‘me’ will make you discover a whole new side to yourself, one that wants to help just to see a child’s face light up in the brightest smile or watch an eighty-year-old believe once again in the power of humanity.

Let’s come together, and take each other’s support to build a nation of social servants, eradicating sorrows of all.

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