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Are you an Atheist OR a theist?

Hi all,

This is my open letter to one and all, we live in a nation where we have different cultures and every culture is represented by some God. India is the only nation where every month has a festival. But, what’s more, saddening is that amidst all this hype and hoopla fest and festivities we forget the most important thing and that is to respect the idols of God once the pooja is over.

As per tradition in India we tend to do the visarjan of Gods’ and Goddesses’ idols once the pooja is over but what’s shocking is that after days of rituals, pooja and adorning the God with various flowers, sweets etc. we throw them on the roadside or dump them in water like an unwanted garbage. Before I go ahead and keep my perspective I would like to tell that I am a believer and I do respect God.

Why can’t we show some respect to these idols and most importantly towards mother nature? Dumping huge idols in water not only leads to water pollution but at the same time, it leaves the flora and fauna of the water system completely damaged. Let’s not do it.

I have a simple way out, why can’t we fill in tanks with water and soak the idols in it and once it is dissolved we can let that water go in the fields or in the case of small idols we can easily put them in a bucket of water and pour that water in pots of plants. I’m sure God wouldn’t mind serving mankind and so shouldn’t we.

This is my request to all those who are reading this to please follow the above-mentioned step to begin a chain of change. Let the nature flow back to nature in a respectful way.

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