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Are you gifitng or bribing ?

Gifting and bribery have a very small line of difference and here is my version of the story, if you beg to differ. Here I have listed 5 funny situations of how we sneak out of some serious situations and get your work done, it’s like hitting the bull’s eye 😉

Wife’s Birthday – It was your wife’s birthday and you forgot to wish her, what better way than gifting her something that pleases her, say a gold ring … Now that’s what I called bribing my way out.

Appraisal Time- It’s appraisal time and gaining some brownie points is always good, so how about bribing, I mean gifting my boss a bottle of exotic wine.

Guy’s hangout – There’s a football match and you definitely don’t want to miss out the fun with your friends, why not gift your wife a spa voucher so that you can have a fun time with your friends.

Want to increase the pocket money – Helping mum in household work;) –the best way to mould her and take permission.

Date with BF/GF- You want to go out on a date with your boyfriend and your younger brother is about to spill the beans, why not buy him a new video game.You just broke your mom’s favourite flower vase; why not prepare dinner for her.You want a new video game, how about studying some extra hours; Viola you have now earned some brownie points.

Poor Mom at the store- A Mom who is dutifully trying to get her grocery shopping done while her kids are running wild through the store. The parent is frustrated and embarrassed, so she proposes a deal: if the kids will settle down and get through the shopping excursion, they will each be given a candy bar. Great, it seems to work!

You were late for your first date; how about surprising your date with a long drive and an apology card.

Your friends are planning to drop in your house to party and you want to convince your wife, take her out on a shopping spree a day before and you are all set and done.

You haven’t written your assignment and it’s the last date in the college, borrow your roomie’s assignment by cleaning his/her side of the room.

Want your pocket money to be increased, do whatever you dad asks you to do.

So, next time you are stuck in a situation, you know what to do 😉




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