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6 dreadful signals of being in a Wrong Relationship.

There are some relationships which are not meant to last long, being in a wrong relation has a toxic effect on your mental and physical health. Love is not a product which can be manufactured. How do you know it’s time to move away from this torture?

Taking each other for granted

This is one the biggest mistake you make in a relationship; it’s the clear sign of an unhealthy relation. Do you expect your partner to do every small thing for you? Well, these unwanted assumptions can be suffocating.

Blame game

Another sign to watch for… Does your partner blame you for every damn thing which goes wrong in his/her life? Do they find reasons to blame you for their professional failure? Girls, your boy is not the reason for all your misery and vice-versa.

Insulting and criticizing

Do you always find defending yourself; your partner looks you down for the degree you got in college or from which institute. He/she mocks you in front of their friends. Your partner is there to make you feel good about yourself not make you feel miserable.

Constant fights

Another crucial indication of unhealthy relationship overlooked by many is fighting every day; well every relation has its thuds on varied issues. But if you find yourself regularly fighting or getting provoked by him/her you are definitely in an abusive relation.

Trust issues

Do you feel when you are away from your girl/man you can’t trust them to go alone, you constantly take follow-ups to know where he/she is, you even go through their Facebook and WhatsApp chats on a regular basis? This is not a good sign; you should be able to believe that your partner won’t cheat.

Keeping secrets and concealing facts

In a relationship you don’t keep secrets from your partner, you don’t even hide facts about anything for that matter where and with whom you partied last night. Perhaps you are not lying but you are hiding the details, which mean your relation lacks trust.

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