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Are you wondering to be a Good Parent- here is how you can

It’s exams time and I can see parents around me in so much pressure of the society and the competition around, expecting and pressurizing their children to study hard and hard. Though we know that each child his or her own capabilities, still we sideline this fact and force them another way around. Also, it is seen that most of the parents are so busy to earn living nowadays, that they can sponsor their child with tuition fees, school fees, two wheelers or cars, but do forget that their child looks for them rather than all the facilities.

No! certainly not, I am not trying to belittle the strong hard work and sacrifice of the working mothers and fathers towards their children, as I have been one too for last 8 years but that urge to be a good parent remains always.

So, to be a good parent following are the ways in which you can handle your children well.

It is always suggested to boost the self-esteem of your child, as a parent, you should always praise the accomplishments of our child then, however, small they may be. There is no pointing of shouting at them like ” what the hell, you are out of your mind, you can never learn ” in case they commit some mistake. Rather be calm and try to tell them what loss they have made or how it was not good for them.

Appreciate that each move that your child has done in a positive way. Then their move or action can be small enough like placing their clothes well in a cupboard or leaving utensils in the sink after dinner. Each appreciation will have long time benefits.

Set small and achievable goals for maintaining discipline in children. Self-control and discipline are must for your child so have small goals for your children that they can reach out regularly. It can be doing homework before watching TV and leaving dirty clothes in washing basket every evening.

Give surprises regularly that allow you to have ample quality time with your children. Making sure that you eat at least eat one meal together daily or make something in the kitchen with their help that you cherish together. Even jumping out in evening for window shopping or after dinner walk can always be full of memories for your child.

Your children are your shadows, so be a good role model to them. In case you want them to be tolerant, patient and respectful, you have been to be one, not only in front of them but also at the times, you think they are not watching.• Healthy communication is always way out to keep closeness with your children. Children have a habit to ask questions and you as a parent, just do not pass them. Have a good communication with them always so that they trust you with your answers.

Do remember that every child has a different requirement. You as a parent cannot decide their milestones. So be little flexible with your expectations as a parent.

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