Auroville- A Place in where there is no religion, no money and no Politics 25

Well if you have been thinking that money is supreme and the world runs on and around politics and religion is the basis of our existence then, here is a little ice-breaking ceremony that I would like to do; Auroville, a place nestled in the Viluppuram district near Puducherry, Tamil Nadu is an example of the small world which is not governed by religion, politics or money. The foundation stone of this city was laid on 28th February 1968, by Mirra Alfassa who is also known as “The Mother”. She held the notion that all men are equal. breaking the rules of the world we live in,

Auroville has men and women of all the country living together and they follow the religion of humanity. Auroville doesn’t belong to anyone, however, if one wishes to live here then they should be the servitor of diving consciousness. Currently, the population is around 2400, these people hail from a different nation, they are of a different religion but here in Auroville, they represent humanity.

What even more striking is that the city within its boundaries doesn’t follow any currency rather Aurocard is used, however, with the outer world interaction they use the money.

There is no particular religion in this city but for spiritual gain, there is a temple in the center of this township which is called as Maitrimandir where people practice integral Yoga. Moreover, there is a hierarchal rule which governs this place rather it has all the adult residents forming the assembly which is responsible for maintaining the legal framework of this city.

Although it appears to be a strange concept, yet it continues to survive all odds.

You can expect the unexpected only in India.

It happens only in India !!!

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De-stressing is now just a click away 258

Hands up if you absolutely adore puppies. I am sitting here in-front of my stupid screen but I can see many hands up and mine is up tooooooo!!

As a kid I always wanted a pup for myself, they radiate energy like no one else and they love you like you are the world to them. I never got one, because my mom is scared of dogs and both of my parents are working so my wish…well…it is still a wish. But guess what…a Gurgaon based start-up has come up with an amazing amazing idea that can make my wish come true (sort of) and make millions of the worked out souls happy and de-stressed.

FUR BALL STORY. Established in December by the Shrishti Sharma, who was a law student and shared her idea with two of her friends, Arushi Dixit, who is a designer, and Kunal Daral, who is an IT professional. Upon further research, they realised that the “pet therapy” concept was already widely popular in the West. With an idea that is relatively new to our country, the startup came into being in December last year and is now bringing smiles all over Gurgaon.

Currently, they have adopted three doggies namely, Muffin (a labrador), Cocoa (a shih tzu) and Angel (a golden retriever) — who are trained as therapy dogs and can meet over 40-50 people in a day without barking or snapping at them — and have been holding pet therapy sessions in various universities, corporate offices, hospitals and even private residences.

**wondering why I don’t get such amazing ideas**

The adorable canines are presently undergoing an internationally certified training. Several sessions have already been conducted in companies like Nagarro and MakeMyTrip, a few educational institutes, and also at several homes. they are planning to start a bigger centre in Gurugram, where people can just come and unwind in the company of lots of dogs. We will also be getting a psychologist to be a part of this centre so that people can evaluate their progress.

If you are working somewhere, or studying, or just at home…who am I kidding…dear readers, I am sure you won’t mind such an adddddoooooorrrraable company. What are you waiting for, contact them now on their Facebook page and schedule an appointment.

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Imperfecto, Hauz Khas 46

My idea of a good Saturday night?
Well….warm place, good vibes, good booze, some live music and friends. I had been wanting that for a very long time. It is very difficult to have such a night when you are living in a hostel because eventually warm place becomes the comfort of your bed, good vibes become the latest show that you binge watch and good booze becomes cheap daaru that you get from the theka outside your hostel.

However, my wish did come true when I visited Imperfecto at Hauz Khas. It was Saturday night so obviously the place was a bit crowded but we managed to find a spot for six.  It had everything I could ever ask for on a beautiful night.  Let’s start with the fact that it will not let you leave disappointed.

The interiors are eclectically designed and it offers an amazing variety of food and drinks with perplexing music.

Let me warn you about the money though. Since the place is so damn awesome, it is not cheap at all. So if you want to have a dreamy night with all its music and jazz, make sure you are carrying enough to pay for the same 😛

Take my advice and head to Imperfecto HKV this Saturday!!
You can also check out their Facebook page for more events.

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