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Baapu sehat ke liye Tu toh hanikarak hai…

It is to all those INTERNET activists who are criticizing The father – Mr Phogat for all the atrocities towards his daughters and imposing his dreams on them in the movie – Dangal; before speaking a word about it and make an opinion, first go and talk to those girls what do they consider their father as today; whether they praise or criticize their father to make them what they are- girls with name, fame and financial independence.

All those who have time to spend hours on social media to post and tweet, but send maggie in their children’s tiffin, don’t have even 1hr for their kids in a day and are unable to play the role of a parent in their kid’s life coz they don’t have time for it, there is a man in the village of Haryana who is not only a strong and supportive father for his daughters but also a perfect and dedicated GURU. A man who worked so hard for his daughters that his ‘tapasya’ has given them success which has crossed international boundaries.

I am not writing this coz I am a ‘Haryana ki chori  too and have deep roots there, but to convey that this is what makes parents what they are: dreaming/deciding on behalf of their children. As a parent, I feel it’s important for you to guide and make your kids understand his /her potential.

I think Mahavir Singh Phogat did a tremendous job against all objections from the community and in the lack of finances, making his daughters strong & independent and that too in a country like India, where girl infants are left to die in dustbins and cartons. He is no different from any other parent who wanted to put their children into medicine, law, teaching or getting married.

To conclude this, I must say to all young minds out there that behind every young child who believes in himself, there is a parent who believed first and to all lovely parents that your children need your presence more than your presents.

For now, you go enjoy the movie! Mr Amir enjoys the box office performance & Mr Phogat and his daughters enjoy their stardom and glory!

Chao 🙂

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