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Backbiting – a recreational activity for few.

It was just a coincidence that I had a heartbreaking exposure to few painful statements by my colleagues at office and I came across an awesome quote on social media as if God answered me and showed me a way out.

The quote said,

Excuse me, here’s your nose. I found it in my business.

And I was really inspired to write my observations to you.

Backbiting is the most common ‘Viral’ disease that’s found everywhere because its content gets viral without any media or channel 😉 . And as a part of this society, this is our right to find faults in whomsoever, we may want to.

Talking about jurisdiction of gossips and backbiting, it varies from looks, personal & professional lives to social behavior and everything you do or think under the sun. Let me talk about few-

Looks: –

If you are good looking, wear trendy colorful clothes, then you are always ready for the party. If you dress up in simple attires then you lack dress sense.

If you look charming, then you are very conscious about your skin, hair etc. you might be a spendthrift, if you are having any problem regarding your skin, hair and looks then you are a miser to spend some money for maintaining good looks.

Oh…dear gossipers! Please take a break!

Personal life: –

Gossipers need to poke their nose in every issue no matter how personal it is!! The irresistibility of the topic is directly proportional to the depth of it’s being personal. 😉 More the personal, more spicy it is!!

If you have some dispute with your spouse or family, you will find fewer people to help solve it but many ‘those’ types are there to enlarge the pit of conflict. You will be surely entitled to all the blames as soon as you leave the place.

Office gossip: –

Ahha…the most wider one!! There is soooo of much time people have in your office to discuss your faults and inefficiencies.

If you are favorite to your Boss, you are a pleaser and a super buttering guy.

If carefree, then a doodle.

Miscellaneous gossip:-

Any girl that is picked up or dropped by her friend that happens to be a boy, is definitely her boyfriend.

Girls who are chirpy & friendly and God forbid, if in short clothes, high heels, colored streaks are ultra modern, freely available and those introverts with simple looks is a ‘behenji’ type who really lacks dressing sense….and everything else. 😐

Behavior chart: –

If you like to smile often, you are tested on set norms for youth. If you don’t smile, you are arrogant and proudy.

Any change(good, bad) in your behavior is a matter of investigation. Indian relatives are very judgemental and are under the burden of saving society from the western impact, so you can’t protect yourself from their conversations. Your behavior with parents, siblings, home care, cooking, hygiene all is viewed microscopically and in comparison with their wards mostly named like, Monty, Goldy, Simmi, Sandy and Sweety. ‘Hamare bacche to aise,vaise, kamaal’ and so on. After effects of their arrival last long and most of the time result in mummy’s favorite emotional dialogue accompanied with wet eyes “ humne tumhare liye kya nahi kia, fir bhi logo ki baatein sun ni padti hae”. 😉

On serious notes, my point of writing this was only to …Let ‘them’ go to hell and just be yourself.

No one is perfect so why not confuse them with your mysterious smile.:)

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