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Beauty benefits of a vitamin C.

We all must have read a lot about Vitamin C and its health benefits. Many of you might know about its health benefits. It can cure sore throats, keeps constipation under control and also helps in keeping the flu at bay. Apart from this Vitamin C is also required for healthy growth and strong blood vessels.
These are all health benefits but how many of you know that apart from health benefits, vitamin C is a boon to a beauty regime and has loads of beauty benefits too.Have a look at the amazing benefits of the Vitamin C that will surely enhance your beauty.

Vitamin C and our energy levels

Energy levels and beauty, aren’t they go hand-in-hand? You don’t look your best when you are feeling lethargic. Vitamin C helps us to remain active as it helps in absorbing iron from the food we take and give boost to our energy levels. With high energy levels, you can remain active through out the day and it enhances your look as it keeps the dullness away.

Vitamin C and Weight loss

Beauty can’t be thought off without you being fit. We run from gyms to dieticians to shed those calories. You will be surprised to know that by increasing the intake of Vitamin C in your regular diet you will give a boost to your weight loss regime. Wondering how? Vitamin C has a capability of lowering down the insulin levels thus helping you to shed those extra calories.

Vitamin C and hair health

Tired of your dull looking hairs? Vitamin C is a one-stop solution for all your worry about hairs. Hair fall, dry and frizzy hairs, dandruff problems, split ends all can vanish with the daily boost of vitamin c. It boosts our mental wellness too by keeping stress under check. This is again important for the damage free long and shiny hairs. So why to waste the hard earned money on saloons when we can have our hairs look good by eating right.

Vitamin C and all about skin

Skin health is of utmost important to look beautiful. It’s not all about fair colour. Who will not fall in love with the person who has radiant, glowing, blemish-free skin? Vitamin C comes to your rescue yet again for all the skin related problems. It is an anti-oxidant and thus a regular intake of Vitamin C prevents your skin from ageing. Vitamin C is required by our body for the production and maintenance of Collagen; a collagen is a protein which helps in providing elasticity and strength of the skin. It also replaces the dead skin cell from the skin. As we age, the natural production of collagen by body slow down and therefore our skin starts sagging and showing the signs of ageing. Thus, Vitamin C can keep you saying “age

Thus, Vitamin C can keep you saying “age is just a number”. Apart from the radiant and glowing skin, Vitamin C also protects skin from tanning and sun burn as it has anti-inflammatory properties. So now, save those thousands you were spending on all those lotions and creams by simply increasing the intake of this amazing vitamin.

Vitamin C and Long Lustrous Nails

Vitamin C take care of your long nails and their shine by keeping blood vessels strong.

Vitamin C is water soluble so our skin cannot store it in the tissue. To have a daily dose of vitamin C, you must increase the intake of the food rich in this vitamin.

Believe me, the best makeup you can ever wear is glowing and healthy skin. So why not work for it? After all, a beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

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