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Good memories are ephemeral like your college days! They are fly-by-night memories in your life. And if you’re presently in your final year, nostalgia must have become a part of you by now and you get emotional every now and then. Cheer up, buddy! Here’s your 5 Must-Do’s before you sign off the college:

1. Explore the Campus

Try out exploring all the places on your campus, and if possible, roam with your gang at the night. It will add up thrill and exuberance to the next level. Don’t forget to include the food shops which have been saving you in these years.

2. A Trip is a Must

In the span of 4-5 years, if you don’t go a trip with your besties, it’s of no use. You need to take a trip with your gang and relive these years in a short period before you leave!Road trip is always much preferred, though!

3. Parting Gifts

You might not stay connected with your friends even if you want like you had once promised your school oldies. Present beautiful and thoughtful parting gifts to your jewels.

4. Acknowledge with Heart

Acknowledge the staffs and chhotus who have made your life easier in these few years. A chai Dada, chhotu who delivers your biriyani or the aunty who cleans up your room, include everyone!

5. Be a Selfie King/Queen

Last but not the least, take selfies with everyone you know. Don’t spare the teachers, nonteaching staffs and security guards even. And one fine day, they might become the reason of your smile after a hard day.

Make memories, become memories! 🙂

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