Being a woman in India – It is not all that bad! 88

We all are aware of the challenges an Indian woman faces on a day-to-day basis- assaults, security, arranged marriages, women rights, pride-shattering experiences and the list is never ending but I refuse to accept that with the disadvantages there are no advantages. Personally,  I think that there are a lot of perks of being an Indian woman.

Here are a few perks of being an Indian woman:

24*7 help

If you are a woman, even if you are a strong independent woman who is completely capable of taking care of themselves, you still are provided with help on an urgent basis, no matter what!


Metro coaches, general seats, seats in colleges, different wards, and it is everywhere. Even during the demonetization period, women line was different and SHORTER.


Always on priority one. If there is a line with all guys in it but two girls, they will make a separate girls line. In the mess, if you are the second last person and there is only one rasgulla left, the mess guy and the guy standing in front of you will both offer you the last one. Yes, it is an etiquette but have you ever wondered why is it there amongst the people in general, because they have been raised to treat you special than they are (for all the feminists out there… special and not low).

Extra security

You always have extra security, please do not start with why needed that in the first place. Whatever the reason might be, you have someone to pick up and drop you every time, anywhere and your convenience is a never ending project.

Soft corner

Everywhere and anywhere you go, people treat you with a tender heart. Be it a bank queue, ATM queue, college library, billing counters, in weddings, at home, at work place etc etc…. Don’t you enjoy these benefits?

Free drinks

Two words: ladies night.

Skip legal obligations with a smile

Raise your hand if you were ever caught breaking a rule on the road and you smiled and said “sorry bhaiya” and got away with it. **raises hand**

Cheap clothes and accessories

Sarojini haul gals, c’mon. So whenever I go to Sarojini and come back with bags full of clothes, my guy friends always, always and without fail tell me that how lucky girls are since they are able to get cheap good stuff but there is no such market as such for guys.

Minority is a boon

Because you get to have all the points I said above. 😛

I am not saying that the world is fair to a woman, I am not discussing if it is or if it is not. All I am trying to say is that it’s easy to focus on things we do not have or things which are wrong. Yes, we should try and bring a change there but with that, one should not forget to appreciate what we have with us. All the good things.

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Cheers to being a woman!!!

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The Nine Yards Of Magic 227

India has always been fashionable. Since ages our culture has seen exclusive jewelry, elaborate hair do’s  and of course wide variety of fabrics – Silk, cotton, khadi!!!

The Indian weaves and motifs have always fascinated people around the world. We have rich variety of colors, textures, and amazingly beautiful hand weaving and  embroidery skill.

The Indian fashion has come up as an industry working in sync with everyone’s life. Gone are the days when Fashion and designers were aloof terms and were restricted to celebrities and movie industry only.

The Indian artisans have created lovely variety of clothes and amazing cuts and designs but none could replace or even fade away the magic of nine yards!!

The variety is huge and some or other is definitely going to make woman weak in their knees.

Taant the eternal Bengal beauty with thick border and exclusive cotton makes it oh! So wearable!!


[aesop_image img=”” offset=”-100px” align=”left” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”]

Another Wow saree is the traditional Kasavu from kerala. It was traditionally only a dhoti,blouse and stole but now changed with time. It is white in color with golden thread border. Although its slowly changing itself to suit the ever changing nature of gen X. Nowadays it’s coming in many other colors too!!

[aesop_image img=”” offset=”-100px” align=”right” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”]

Another southern beauty is evergreen Kanjivaram Silk. Every woman wardrobe either has one or aspires to have one. Soft and smooth as butter with amazing subtle sheen, it’s a classic beauty.

[aesop_image img=”” offset=”-100px” align=”left” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”]

The western part of country has varieties as rich as the culture. Odisha boasts of Sambhalpuri silk. It has delicate weave where threads are dyed before weaving.

[aesop_image img=”” offset=”-100px” align=”right” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”]

The Gamcha variety is quite popular among youngsters accompanied by quirky draping styles!!

[aesop_image img=”” offset=”-100px” align=”left” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”]

The northern part has a beautiful rich heritage of banarasi sarees. A traditional weave by artisans of Banaras. Woven in silk with gold and silver threads, it was initially meant for royalty only. It had such intricate designs that those days it used to take one year, for one banarasi  saree to complete.

[aesop_image img=”” offset=”-100px” align=”right” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”]

Banarasi has also evolved with age. Nowadays it also comes with mix of cotton. One thread of cotton mixed with cross thread of silk it creates lovely modern days light weight zari sarees.

[aesop_image img=”” offset=”-100px” align=”left” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”]

Bandhani  is  a tie n dye from Gujrat . It is as colorful and  vibrant as the state itself. Available both is cotton and silk this variety can be adorned any time, be it daily wear or the festive occasions, it never lets you down!!


[aesop_image img=”” offset=”-100px” align=”right” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”]

Lehriya is another tie n dye from land of Rajasthan. Due to the difference of tying technique its result is amazingly beautiful with bright lovely colors!!!


[aesop_image img=”” offset=”-100px” align=”left” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”]

The north India boast of heavy zari border Banarasi on one hand and on the other hand it presents light weighted intricate embroidery of Chikan kari from the city of nawabs Lucknow. You can never be wrong with pastel chikan saree in Indian hot summer!


The saree soiree can go on with beautiful shibori , pochampalli, Kantha work,  kalamkari and many others !

But right now I will leave you with these beautiful colours , zari ,sheen and rustle of fabrics ,and of course your next shopping plan too!!

Pictures Credit-Sadee Saree fb Page! A page dedicated to nine yards and its love!!!

Let us become ‘Queen’!! 190

The other day, I was watching a movie called ‘Queen’ on TV. I did watch it earlier also but that day it gave me a food for thought. I realised that mental strength is a great asset every woman is born with. Having physical stamina is one thing but a woman should have strong mental stamina too. Frankly, the world we live in it would be hard for a woman with the weak mental strength to survive. It’s 2017 and our politicians don’t leave a chance to degrade women, not to forget the personal obstacles we must face in our day to day life. Mental strength makes us tough to ignore the nonsense and reach a state of peace where what others say or think doesn’t matter. This made me write about a few characteristics every strong woman has –

1. We Embrace Change

A mentally strong woman takes life as it comes. She accepts change with a smile no matter how challenging it is. She understands the fact that change is inevitable. As she knows being stuck won’t do any good, instead, she fights back with full force.

2. We don’t sulk over the past

The best quality of a mentally strong woman is, she doesn’t cling to her past for too long, that doesn’t imply that she is heartless, it’s just that she chooses herself over someone who has hurt her and looks in the direction of building a better future.

3. We don’t Give up

Women with strong vigor know that failure is part and parcel in the journey of life. We have a strong will and don’t give up so easily. We are fighter’s and achieve what we desire, despite few setbacks.

4. We celebrate when others succeed

We don’t get upset when other women succeed because we aren’t mean at heart and most importantly we don’t feel threatened by anyone’s success. We know everyone will get a fair chance to prove themselves, after all, there is enough room for everyone.

5. We stand on the foundation of faith rather than fear

We know that “Fear and faith” cannot live together. When you are afraid of something how can you fight against it? A mentally strong woman chooses faith over worry and believes that everything is going to be alright. She trusts god and does whatever is in her capacity.

6. We know there is no need to please everyone

There is one hard fact we all should learn, it’s not necessary to please everyone to like you. We accept the fact that if someone doesn’t like us it’s their problem, not ours. A mentally strong woman won’t change herself for others, she always honor’s herself.

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.