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Being Alone is not Being Lonely

Every time I tell a friend or a family member that I am alone at a moment let’s say, for example, I am shopping and that I am alone, immediately they come to a conclusion that it is a pity state. They say “Oh! That’s sad, you could have called me, I could have given you some company”. A lot fail to understand that there is a world of difference between being alone and lonely.

When someone kicking high in career, enjoying self-independence and freedom, not really looking for a partner to get married and begin that part of the journey, whatever he or she has achieved does not matter, because what comes to light is he/she is alone without a partner and that is a sad state to be.

We can be perfectly happy and content even when we are alone, whereas being lonely is totally a matter of trouble with the mind. It is often termed as those who are single or spending time by themselves needs help and people jump to providing solutions before even we ask for it.

Truth be told, there is a lot of difference between being alone and being lonely. Although these both may cross paths, being alone is a temporary state of being lonely.

Being lonely is a dull and painful feeling and it can happen to anyone. One can feel lonely even when they are together with someone and surrounded by family and friends. Loneliness is a negative feeling that surrounds you with wrong thoughts slowly spoiling your peace of mind. It spreads like a wildfire and may seriously damage your life and relationships.

On the other hand, being alone sure, makes you realize all the things that you don’t have, but it teaches you how to move on in life and learn newer things. Explore the world and depend on yourself than on others.

A decade of years before, in my college days, there was a time when I felt lonely. All my friends moved to different places and I was left back and it was a terrible feeling. I was sad for months, lost an appetite to eat, lost interest in studies and became a boring person. What was worse is, I rubbed that feeling on others making them feel miserable too. However, I got lucky when I joined a new job and found myself some new friends who helped me to move on.

Today, I have fewer friends, I rarely talk to relatives and family members on phone, and I spend time alone often. However, I do not feel lonely or sad, I do things that keep me busy and I enjoy the company of being with myself.

Being alone sometimes teaches you many things in life and it is the most empowering feeling. Enjoying your own company is an art that everyone needs to develop at one point of life. Certain things in life are better experienced in your own company and cannot be replaced with anyone else.

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