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Benefits of growing up with Brothers !

I was born as a first child to my parents, followed by two brothers in next 5 years. Like all other siblings, we also grew up together playing, leg pulling and of course fighting with each other. My bonding with both of them was strong but as being eldest, I was bossy most of the time and had little, in fact, no understanding. But as we three grew and reached the teenage, I gradually developed that extra understanding of their behaviour.

In school too, I became more comfortable in the company of boys of my class than the girls.  Further, in my life when I started my career, I faced various challenges in this male dominant society and I am proud that I overcame them brilliantly. Sometimes, my female colleagues would ask, how I am so easy with males in office, without giving them ” wrong signals or having any pangas” and ” how come they are so nice to you without any ego or jealousy “, and I would say “the answer is my brothers”.

My childhood would have been incomplete without the company of my two brothers. Had they been girls( mine sisters) I can bet it would not have been that great! wink no offences, please!

I am not that girlie stuff that enjoyed on Barbies, their clothes and makeup and doll houses or their marriage, rather I was the one who would play football, basketball and cricket quite easily. Even my favourite magazines were “Sportstars” and “Topgear”.  Copying WWF stunts to make other one feel as a loser was common. Kite flying and playing with its string was normal. In all, the games and all the daring “panga’s” were very easy for me. This all made me good sportsperson, not like those girls who would get hurt if the ball hit their nails and in case they do not win, would simply surrender.

They definitely taught me how to rebel and not a mute spectator if something is not right, though they were my protectors always, but to accept other’s nonsense, is not acceptable ever. No doubt, I have always gone a step further to handle problems or face situations, since I know if anything goes wrong, my brothers are there for me on my side always! wink !

 Boys hardly express their love as girls or my sisters would have done, but for sure they love more than you expect from them. As grown ups, they would go out with their friends exploring new places, eateries and fun experiences. They would also bring back the food in a packing for me since they knew I was at home with parents and as for the society, girls do not have so much independence to roam about with her friends.
With them, I can talk anything from relationships, social issues, political issues, sports and entertainment. I have always understood their perspective on the topic of the discussion and even appreciated their views. Most of the time this constructive conversation has been truly valuable to me since it helps me to debate on certain topics publicly with correct facts.
Now that I am married and they are not (just about to), we four ( me, my husband n two brothers) hang out so nicely together. We four have lovely memories travelling to different places together, eating and partying together and yes, not to forget all the daring “pangas” together. I hope their wives also become the part of this gang and we may have fun together.
May God bless them always, for making my life so special and full of love and affection.  They have made me strong, bold and daring. Whenever I see two sisters, I wonder ” I am really not that sister girlie type”, lol zzz.




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