Ananya An architect by profession and a story-teller by choice. I don't hesitate to talk about the dark side of society and it's people.
  • Why do people pose ‘AFFLUENT’ on Social Media Everyone feels revulsion to people who tend to seek attention and show off over-actively. What I don’t understand is why it’s well-tolerated on the social channels? For few, social channels have become just a place to create a fake self-image, please their ego and desperately seek attention. Obsession with showing off their lives on social […] June 21, 2017
  • Why most of the mothers spoil their own daughter’s life. The lady, who is supposed to support you the most, the creator of you; your mother is actually the one who snatch away your individuality when in the same situations your brother is termed right and you are wrong and advised to be a ‘Good girl’. Yes, fellow women, it’s our mother, it’s we as […] June 16, 2017
  • Reasons why you should not become a ‘Good Girl’. How many of us are brought with hearing a theory of “being a good girl”. I am sure almost each one of us. Isn’t it?? ‘ Be a good girl’, ‘ Good girls don’t do this’, ‘ You’re my good girl’,‘ Don’t you want to be a good girl?’……….etc etc etc. The majority of us […] June 15, 2017
  • Why Mother In Law tries to snatch her son away from her Daughter In Law? As a daughter in law myself, I know that this relationship is complex and tangled. This mother in law; daughter in-law relationship is like a weighing scale, the newly wed son is like a needle who is constantly pulled from one side to another. And the balance is IMPOSSIBLE. Isn’t it?? When a marriage happens, […] June 13, 2017
  • and Room number 102! It was a wonderful cold busy morning. Natasha was busy preparing tiffins for her school going kids. Running from kitchen to dining table in the morning was an everyday task for her. The little one wanted to drink his milk from mumma. So, she just took a 2min break and made Duggu finished his glass […] April 18, 2017