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Anjali An Individual who loves to follow life's path as it comes without inhibitions and regrets. Love for writing & reading is an integral part of myself. Travelling also is another favorite thing to do as it helps discover more of me!
  • Naani Ghar: A Real House of warmth! For me, summer vacations and Naani(grandmother) ka Ghar were synonymous and my best time of the year. Mid- May our summer vacations used to start and our preparations.. well they started much before that, somewhere around April end or so, good 15 days in advance! I was always very excited and happy to visit my […] April 13, 2017
  • Teenage-Journey of discovering You! Confused, Excited, Curious, Sensitive, Emotional, Rebellious all this and a lot more with every feelings’ intensity to the power of 10 is what emotions of a teenager are like. Do you remember your time? As I write this, nostalgia envelopes me and that too quite strongly. As a teenager, I used to believe that the […] April 10, 2017
  • Nine Avatars with nine values for us! Ever since childhood, I have been observing fast on NavratrI, as a child the only motive was to relish the food made for fast but later it became a religious belief to worship Maa Durga for 9 days. As I observe fast for navratri this year and worship goddess Durga’s 9 avatars, a thought comes […] April 4, 2017
  • Finding Mr. Right on Matrimonial sites. I was 27(happily single), go with the flow kinda girl, employed and had a very loyal & super crazy bunch of friends, life was all sorted… but just for me! Elders in the family & other well-wishers had a very different perception of me, for them I was 27(way above the marriageable age in India), […] March 22, 2017