Pooja Saldanha A fervent learner having keen interest in writing and research work. Love to share my experiences and thoughts through writing. My idea about life is that its only you who can bring about a change in your life and no one else can do it. So trust your abilities and work upon it.
  • A Child’s Plea ……..!! ”Whenever I see my son I feel proud”, said Aman’s father to his wife standing next to him, on seeing his son studying for the SSC board exams which were just over the head. ”He has always lived up to my expectations and I am sure like always this time also he will score exceptionally […] May 19, 2017
  • When a dream comes true!! I still remember the excitement I used to feel every time I saw aeroplane when I was a kid. In my little mind, I always wished to see that flying beauty from near, wanted to touch, wanted to sit inside…wanted to fly with it!! As I grew up, my wish.. my dream too became big…from […] May 16, 2017