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  • My husband left me with one child but this ‘New man’ gave me the love I was longing for. She is sweet, strong woman with undoubtedly, good looks and attractive personality. She motivates many other business women….. how to be a good manager, good listener to clients and have perfect marketing and sales skills. She owns a renowned boutique in the town, that has taken a decade of her hard work to build this name. But […] July 18, 2017
  • What is the colour of your love…?? Love is an overrated word, because the path to reach love and to be with it, is something more challenging. They say it is easy to fall in love and if we talk of love in 2017, it happens every now and then. People love to eat chicken, no matter in the process, they are […] July 10, 2017
  • O Ri Chiraiya Nanhi Si Chidiya… Angnaa Mein Phir Aaja Re !! On a hot summer afternoon, with early lunch, as I retired to my bedroom with kids for afternoon power nap, I was already feeling lazy. Though, kids who returned from school in the heat of May were so tired that they slept instantly. As I lay, the light noise of the fan along with the […] May 20, 2017
  • You are my star…MOM!!! Yesterday, I was going through the history of Mother’s Day, just to help my first-grade daughter to complete a school assignment. As others, I have always celebrated Mother Day while wishing my mother with love, sending her flowers or cake, buying her new dress or jewelry and last year booked a Spa appointment for her […] May 14, 2017
  • 22 people in one home ! No I’m not kidding. ” 22 people under one roof. In one home. Really!”, this is the normal reaction of my friends when I share with them my experience of staying in the joint family since birth. Now when we are staying in hyper-smart cities, this is really something above the line. As nobody can imagine how can so many […] May 11, 2017
  • Working after kids is a difficult decision. Isn’t it? While going through the videos on the facebook, in different groups, yesterday I saw a very horrifying video, where the maid who was taking care of a two-year small child on their flat. While working mother was away, she has trusted the maid with taking perfect care of her piece of heart. But what the […] April 27, 2017