Shubhi Tiwari Unbelievably over-excited and extremely expressive, Shubhi is a passionate writer who believes that there is no such thing as "too much storytelling".
  • Don’t take your body for granted coz that’s the only permanent place we have to live in. I broke my knee on my birthday and have been bedridden for a month now. This month of extreme inconvenience taught me something I never really paid attention to before – gratitude for having a fit and fully functional body. We often neglect our bodies and health for things that are negligible compared to our […] March 2, 2017
  • Let Her Be To all those who throw their girl child in dustbins and cartons; and leave them to die OR kill them in the womb itself. I want to ask one simple question – If your mother had been aborted, where would you be…??? ….. ??? A little bundle of nerves, Senseless, formless, genderless, Moving along the womb’s […] February 22, 2017
  • Owls Are Not Just Creatures of The Night, Here’s Proof! My mother wakes up quite early and she has never been able to wake me up before 9am, but today she came to me at 5.30am and said, “Shubhi, there’s an owl in our balcony, do you…” I jumped out of my bed even before she could finish! I had never seen a free owl […] February 17, 2017
  • Bhimtal – The Unpopular But Prettier Cousin of Nainital People from Delhi-NCR looking for a quick break in the hills often rush to Uttarakhand as they feel Himachal Pradesh deserves a longer trip. As far as Uttarakhand is concerned, almost everyone’s been to Nainital, but how many of you have thought of paying its not-so-distant cousin, Bhimtal, a visit? While Nainital is absolutely beautiful, […] February 9, 2017
  • The Other Side of Men in Delhi that Nobody Talks About Since people around us are hell-bent on putting men from Delhi in horribly bad light, let me give you a different example. I was shopping in Sarojini Nagar and had to take the metro back to Gurgaon. I had a long way to go and the clock had already hit 7. It was dark and […] February 8, 2017