Simi Chanana I define myself as "Independent and Strong". Writing is my passion. Music makes me happy and family makes me complete.
  • We were in relationship from past 8 years & he left me to marry his parent’s choice. At twilight, it was raining heavily and I planned to celebrate monsoon in my own way. I lead to my favorite coffee shop, sat on my favored couch near the window and ordered my “best-loved coffee”. I was accompanied by my best friend “my diary”. I pondered to pen down something really remarkable when my […] August 12, 2017
  • I know my husband is cheating on me. We got married 2 years back. My parents chose my husband for me and I’ve no regrets. We were staying in Pune away from our families. Everything was going smooth and we were a happy couple. One day, my husband unfolds that he got a job offer in Mumbai and he is very excited about […] July 10, 2017
  • Depression…it’s not what you think. At least once in the lifetime, we all go through something which we believe we can’t deal with. We feel like giving up on everything even life. This spell always begins with the anger then it knocks the door of despondency and without realizing, finally we slip into the hands of depression. Depression isn’t the person […] July 6, 2017
  • Who says Time heals everything? “Time heals everything”, I’ve often heard people saying this. Does time really heal the pain? I don’t think so. With each passing day, we feel the pain even more and more till we become numb or we are gifted with the bigger pain. If I recall, the first time I became gloomy was when we […] July 1, 2017
  • Miraculous Love!! She was in her blues. Melancholic, heartsick, failing day by day. Love of her life was about to get married and her splintered heart was counting the broken pieces when accidentally she met “him”. Tensed she stood outside an Indian store waiting for her taxi in states.  It was dusky and cold. She thought of […] June 2, 2017
  • The Incomplete Love Is it really painful to see your inamorata marrying someone else questioned her mind to her heart? Sitting alone in a coffee shop, holding her tears she is lost in his memories. The warmth of the coffee reminds her of the coldness in his heart. The ring on her finger proves that she is still […] May 27, 2017
  • I am a woman and I don’t cook. In the changing times, where career and education is no longer the forte of a man, cooking still remains the woman’s pièce de résistance.  A man enters the kitchen only if he “inclines to” or if he is working as a chef. In the present century, a woman pursues her masters, excels in her career, […] May 25, 2017
  • Thank you MOM!! There is always a dimple on my face when someone says “I am a mirror image of my mother”. For me, that’s the bestest compliment that I ever get. I really feel blessed as my world revolves around my selfless mother. Dear readers, I know we all are blessed with this beautiful relationship in our lives […] May 14, 2017
  • Dear Society, please leave me alone! Since childhood, I’d been crazy about my birthday. It had always been like an occasion to me but now I get panic attacks when my birthday is near. More than wishes, I and my parents get lectures and taunts. I hear everything on my birthday apart from genuine wish. People bless me with the statements […] May 12, 2017