Simrit I love to interact with people, have many friends because i'm a good listener. I like to share my experiences with life. Reading books is my hobby and writing is becoming my passion.
  • Hey, what are you wearing? Is it Gucci or Versace? Our criteria for which we test one’s civilisation is his/her look, from the dress you are wearing to the accessories you are carrying. Though we have travelled far away from our traditional dresses, yet still we are a slave to some kind of ‘look’ consciousness. Even today the first impression, someone leaves on us, is his/her […] March 29, 2017
  • Backbiting – a recreational activity for few. It was just a coincidence that I had a heartbreaking exposure to few painful statements by my colleagues at office and I came across an awesome quote on social media as if God answered me and showed me a way out. The quote said, Excuse me, here’s your nose. I found it in my business. […] March 21, 2017
  • When will I fit into that old jeans and top of mine?? :( I am 34 and had been trying gyms, yoga, walk and possibly all workouts and diets from last so many years to shed at least few pounds but seriously being a Punjabi from a so-called” khate peete Ghar ki ” …least results are possible. If I mistakenly shed even few grams, a couple of compliments are […] March 9, 2017
  • When surprise guests surprise no more!! “Surprise” is no more pleasant, when accompanied with the word “Guests”. Like all ‘wives’ and ‘bahus’ of the family, I too used to fear of surprise guests. But in the due course of time, now I am thankful to these surprise guests, who are the reason for my efficiency as a cook and homemaker. I […] February 9, 2017
  • Super smart and super techie teens of today!! From the time, I held my newly born twins in my arms for the first time, like every mother I too desired to see them blooming. They have been my priority all these years. Now that they have entered teenage, I see dire changes in their behavior that I thought worth sharing with all fellow […] February 7, 2017