• MIDNIGHT HUNGER SOLUTIONS The obvious answer to all your midnight cravings is Maggie. It is the absolute savior for most of us except the few diet-experts, of course! And we, the hostel dwellers understand its amazing essence in our lives unlike the ones who still get “Ma ke hathon ka Pyaar”. But, one day, if you don’t want […] December 31, 2016
  • “Internet of Things” – A Connected World Hello, my dear techie folks! Let’s discuss one of the revolutions of all times in technology – IoT or Internet of Things. Search in Google, you will get to know, it is interconnection network between the physical devices, vehicles or we call it smart devices, buildings, and other items. They are embedded with electronics, software, […] December 27, 2016
  • RAINBOW REASONS TO HAVE A PET IN YOUR LIFE Hey, peeps! How much happy are you with your life? Or are you still upset for not having a bae in your life? If right now, you’re making that cute puppy face, you are looking damn cute! But you need to stop behaving kiddish and always, you have your life to cherish. To make it […] December 25, 2016
  • BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR ALMA MATER Good memories are ephemeral like your college days! They are fly-by-night memories in your life. And if you’re presently in your final year, nostalgia must have become a part of you by now and you get emotional every now and then. Cheer up, buddy! Here’s your 5 Must-Do’s before you sign off the college: 1. […] December 23, 2016