Vidushi Sandhir I am an IT professional living in New York City! I grew up in Delhi in a very protected family. At the age of 24, I decided to leave my abode for newer shores - it was scary, exhilarating, exciting and the best journey I have decided to take. A coffee snob and feminist at heart - I am very passionate about women growth and opportunities!
  • Why the mind is always preferred over emotions? The phrase ‘the heart wells up’ suggests that our heart is a vessel with the capacity to hold something. When we fill it with love – the heart wells up with these emotions, making us float. When the world empties it – a gaping hole is left – forming a knot in the centre of […] June 20, 2017
  • Married Woman Stuff I got married in Dec 2016 with the guy I dated for over 3 years. In my mind marriage was just as my ceremony in the city hall – a legal binding for people who were already living with each other. Soon after the wedding news hit social media, I started noticing a shift in […] June 14, 2017