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Born to break the stereotype.

“She has rejected this boy too. Don’t know what is she looking for? ” Shivi’s mom said cryingly.

“Do you think Ranbir Kapoor will come to ask for your hand from us to marry you?” asked her father. The anger was quite evident in his tone.

Shivi who was quietly listening to all the taunts softly replied,” I am not waiting for anyone to come and marry me. I want to find myself before I find anyone else.”

His father lost his temper badly on getting this reply from Shivi and shouted, ” Enough of this finding myself drama Shivi. We are tired of it.”

Shivi was still cool and quite clear in her speech as if she was undisturbed by the storm going in her house at this moment.”

She calmly replied,” Even I am tired of meeting strangers and then telling them that I am not ready for marriage yet.”

A terrific silence filled the atmosphere and Shivi went to her room. She didn’t cry neither she was upset. She spent rest of the evening in her room and went out in the hall around dinner time to find out that hall is completely dark. She lit the light and was almost scared to death to see her mother on the couch as she wasn’t expecting anyone to be in the dark hall.

She tried to avoid the conversation at first but she wasn’t liking it either to see her parents in this condition and more so when she knew the reason of their sadness is she, herself.

Mom, look at me. Do you think I am a curse? Shivi asked her mom.

“What are you saying, you stupid girl.” Shivi’s mother hugged her tightly.

“Why will you say such things Shivi. No matter how much we are angry but you will always remain the apple of our eyes.”

“I know mom, you and dad love me more than you love yourself.”

Things were not normal completely but it was at least that much normal for everyone to sit on the dinner table and ate food quietly.

Shivi’s dad broke the silence and asked her,” Is there anyone you are looking for or maybe you are waiting for the right moment to tell us. I know I have asked this question several times in the past three years but I want to know the real reason for your denial to all the matches we have found suitable for you.”

“Her mother asked her in shivering tone as if she will die of heart attack if her worst fears come true, are u lesbian?”

Whaaattt? Shivi shouted in utter shock. ” Of course not, no mom. Just because I am not ready to marry that doesn’t describe my choice of sexuality.” Shivi left the hall in outrage this time. Both her parents sat perplexed.

Next day morning the house was still silent. It wasn’t a usual morning. It was a silence before the storm.

Shivi had prepared her mom’s favourite Upma in the breakfast and have cooked perfect grilled sandwiches for her dad.

At the breakfast table, before anyone could shoot a question to her, she said, ” Dad, you have asked this several times before and I am sorry I kept quiet and have avoided the answer in all these years. Maybe I wasn’t ready to answer but I think I am ready to answer it now.”

Her mom and dad have waited impatiently to hear the reason for her denial to all 15 marriage proposals.

She continued,”Ma, I want to live my life before I surrender it to someone else. I don’t see myself as a wife or a mother as of now. I can’t share my life till I find out what’s the purpose of my life. I want to live. I am still learning through my experiences and I have a long to-do list that I want to complete and marriage is nowhere on that list as of now.”

Shivi said it in one go and her parents were baffled. It wasn’t easy for them to digest that 26years old girl saying marriage is nowhere on her list.

Her mother said,” I was your mother at the age of 23. I never had this to-do list. Your dad has never stopped me from anything but I always knew my boundaries and I have lived within them and so does everyone do.”

“Thank you, Ma, for solving this for me. Now I know, I am born to break the stereotype.”

Her parents gave her a scornful look.

But Shivi continued,” I have decided I want to travel this world. I can’t see myself confined to one place. I want to meet strangers and learn about their country and their culture. I want to lay on the sand and spent the night watching the starry sky and a lot more I want to do.”

Her father asked,” Who will finance your travel Shivi? Marry someone who can make your dream possible.”

Shivi knew it’s just another attempt of her father to persuade her to marry and get settled down.

She replied,” Dad, you have raised me to an independent woman and I can’t marry someone just to fulfil my dreams and desire. I have another plan you don’t worry about my finance.”

She then showed them an email sent by a tour and travels company who wants to hire Shivi as their travel blogger and for that, they were ready to pay her a handsome salary and also to finance all her travels.

Her parents weren’t happy to see this and Shivi could sense it.

She packed her bags and before saying bye she said, “Mom, I just don’t want to be a another girl. I just can’t sigh and say I want to live my life. Rather I want to be a girl who follow her own dreams and breathe life.”

She further continued,”I know it will be difficult for you to understand that your daughter wants to be a nomad. When other girls crave for security, family and kids I crave for my independence, my existence and the purpose of my life.”

“Sorry to disappoint both of you and to disobey you. ”

She left while her parents watched her going. They didn’t stopped her as they knew now she is unstoppable.


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  1. Simi Chanana

    There’s a Shivi in every girl….♡♡

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