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To be called a ‘Pataka’ or ‘Bomb’ is offensive or a compliment?

Yesterday I received a message on WhatsApp that said….” Girls, please stay at home on Diwali…Supreme Court puts a ban on ‘PATAKAS’.”

And I was like….WTF!!

Yes, I didn’t know how to react?? Is it a compliment or a shitty word that I am sure each one of us must have heard for ourselves while on streets. Here’s an excellent video by Zivame, a slap on all those disgusting ‘Men’ in the society who are the jerks and are never short of sexist nicknames and comments when they see an attractive girl going by.

But before we give all the blame to men, here are a few of the pics via page called ‘Patakagirl’ on Instagram… happy to be called PATAKA girl.

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