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Can We Act Like an Educated?

Lights went off, the hall became dark and the big screen filled with actors and models. Being seated in the luxurious seats of the Inox movie theatre, we began to wait for the movie to roll. We stood up in respect to our National Anthem and slowly one by one advertisement played on. Finally, the movie started. We laughed; cried; admired the actors for their talents. Soon it was time for the interval.

My husband went out to get us some snacks. Like my husband, most of the people in the hall bought themselves snacks as well as soft drinks. Within no time, the next half of the movie was played and pretty soon it ended. Lights came on and slowly one by one stood up and started to move towards the exit.

We were seated in the ‘B’ row and hence were suppose to climb down. We walked down the stairs slowly as the stairs were crowded. While we discussed the movie as what we liked the most, we also happen to look at all the empty seats in the bright lights.

What we witnessed was such a pity state of the floor. People who bought popcorns in the intermission break had spilled it all over. If it was any one or two seats, probably it could have been an accident while a child might have tried to grab and it got slipped. But almost every seat in most rows had either the popcorn, empty cold drink glasses or the paper plates thrown everywhere, even the food was wasted and just thrown.

I was surprised to witness this and kept wondering, is this how an educated person behave? I understand that there are cleaners to clean after every show in movie halls, but is that a reason enough for people to litter even in multiplexes. To my horror, there was also an used baby diaper right on the walking path.

Do we litter our homes like this just because we have someone to clean? Do we litter our own cubes in the office just because we have housekeeping staff? If we answer “NO” for these, then why throw garbage in the movie hall or any other public place for that matter. As a citizen, we have a responsibility and can we at least act educated? Dear people, pick up your stuff and carry that unwanted food/waste. Use dry and liquid waste bins and do not waste food.

Remember, there are thousands of children waiting to eat just a handful to quench their never-ending hunger and after all this is what our kids will learn from us.

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