Save the Dates

Give yourself reasons this weekend not to just sit at home and have “Just Another Weekend”. Gear up for current and upcoming events, live gigs,concerts, theatre, art, exhibitions, fairs etc with our curated recommendations.

  • Zee Jaipur Literature Festival, India People, are you all ready to meet some of the greatest writers and speakers who will be present in India under one roof?  In just 4 days we will be witnessing the world’s largest literary festival in Jaipur, the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival, billed as the ‘largest free literary festival on Earth’, this fest is […] January 15, 2017
  • The Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival Lucknow is known for its rich cultural heritage and every year the city revisits its old culture by celebrating it via cultural fest called, The Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival aims to bring back the famed but fading Lucknowi Tehzeeb. The festival is a celebration of craft, art, music, film, theatre, cuisine and heritage and is organized by […] January 12, 2017
  • The Town of Boiled Beans and it’s Avarekai Mela Beginning of a new year is welcomed by the farmers selling their harvested flat beans. However, it is not just selling the beans, instead, it is a festival of flat beans which is actually a Mela (fair) where people come to eat the various yummy and delicious foods. Bengaluru is known for many things, one […] January 9, 2017
  • New Delhi World Book Fair 2017 is here It’s here, it’s here, it’s here. The world book fair is back in town, People! National book trust, India have been organising the world book fair in New Delhi for the past 44 years and every year, without fail, its an absolute delight for all the book lovers like me in town. Mark your calendars, NDWBF […] December 29, 2016