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Secret Diaries

Rupali April 19, 2017

Born to break the stereotype.

“She has rejected this boy too. Don’t know what is she looking for? ”…

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Ananya April 18, 2017 and Room number 102!

It was a wonderful cold busy morning. Natasha was busy preparing tiffins for her…

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Sanya February 20, 2017

21 something...

So when I was 16 years old I looked up to my cousins who…

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Neha February 13, 2017

Shackled Freedom :(

The title is dedicated to all the women who despite being self-dependent are trapped…

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Sanya February 11, 2017

My first supernatural encounter

The other day, I was late from work. My boss was here and I…

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Avishek January 31, 2017

From A Stupid Last Bencher to The Editor Of News Sites! That's My Life.

While thinking about penning down something that would come directly from my heart, I…

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Sanya January 25, 2017

'Was it love?' or just a chai and sutta together!!

Both of them were wide awake, lying on the bed and talking to each…

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Sanya January 17, 2017

What happens in a girl's hostel?

I have always observed that there is a constant curiosity amongst the male part…

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