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So I am the old school kind when it comes to romance, love, being chivalrous and all that jazz. I grew up watching Bollywood and barbie movies…don’t blame me!

I don’t think you should be surprised when I say, chivalry is something I automatically expect from someone, mind you..someone includes both men and women.  Going by the good old definition of the word ‘chivalry’ I realized that it meant nothing but putting someone on a pedestal,  you may/may not want to put them there but its just that its expected out of you, and yes…here ‘you’ are mostly guys. Ladies please, understand that definition of ‘chivalry’ was for medieval times when men were fighting fronts and women were cooking. Times change and so does the definition.

I swear I can hear the hundred guys cheering for me right now.

Well, to be very honest I think it is not justified to place all the expectations on men…why should they hold the door, why should they get you flowers everytime, why should he be the one to always pay the bill…just because he is sweet and doesn’t wanna seem belittling to you.  But aren’t we all on the same road now.
We all talk and debate on the topic that men and women stand as equals now so I don’t think I should be held wrong on saying that chivalry is for both men and women in this century. It is a two-way street now.

If someone wants to pull a chair out for me, drive me back home, pay the bill, I will be more than happy to be on the receiving end of such a behavior but I will not forget to reciprocate the same every now and then. Yes, I will pull the chair, drop him home, pay the bills and bring him flowers because I want to.

Dating is a mutual thing now, both the parties involved should make equal efforts in making a date successful and girls, you never know…someone might just love you for your chivalry 😉

share the article guys, spread the word…and share the article ladies, tell the world that you agree!!!

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